Soul Calibur 2 vs Soul Calibur 5

I enjoyed Soul Calibur 2 more than the recent ‘‘game’’ they made.

I just want to know if Soul Calibur 5 is better than Soul Calibur 2.

Definitely no.

Well that money I wont waste then =P

You can’t answer this at this stage since SC5 is too young.
But considering the track record people don’t have high expectations.

Honestly pretty skeptical. But there’s plenty of hype atm tho. let all of that simmer down and have people learn shit then we’ll see if they can carry the momentum.

I don’t know if it’s better than SC2 but it’s a very solid game.

I think that SC2 had bigger impact and was more relevant at the time but SC5 changes more about the game than SC2 did from SC1.

And it is certainly the best one since SC2. I’d say it’s on par with SC2, especially considering the excellent online play. I hope people stick with it and don’t just drop it for the next capcom game.

As much as I personally love the game, SC2 had it’s fair share of problems at high level.

SC2 wasn’t even that great. Things like ridiculously strong step-guard, 2G and a whole bunch of character-specific bullshit made high-level play really, really boring much of the time. A lot of really good SC2 players didn’t even like it all that much, which is one reason why it was on life support after Evo 2004 and basically dead after Tekken 5 hit.

Yeah, I have a lot of fond memories of it, but I also remember how goddamn frustrating it could be. I don’t think it makes much sense to compare SC5 to SC2, seeing as 5 is too new and a big departure from past installments. The lack of step-guard alone makes a world of difference.

I’m going to start taking a shot every time I see you post someone else’s opinion while offering no insight of your own.

I really don’t like this “hates” guy’s articles.
“Fighting games are not all about fun”. Yes they are. The fun comes from overcoming a difficult challenge, which is defeating a tough opponent in a skill based game.
In fact, fighting games are so much fun for some people, that they even travel across the country to face fierce opponents!

To anyone doubting how good/bad SCV is, just look at what high level SCV play looks like and come to your own conclusion.

“High-level” play a few days after the game is released?? Really?!?
The game just came out!! :eek:

If you want to see true “high-level” play, watch some of Kayane’s videos, as she has had her hands on the game for quite some time! :smiley:

Has the OP even played the game yet? If you read their 1st and 2nd posts, it doesn’t seem like it to me…Also, SC1 all-day, everyday! :wink:

I still wouldn’t judge it, It is a week 1 tournament after all so expect the lowest level of gameplay.

I agree

I have and will always stand by it
while a good game
soul calibur 2 is SO overrated especially comparing it to the rest of the series

Well no. I want to know if I stick to the one I prefer or upgrade to this new game.

I was going to local tourney for SC2 and they might do some with SC5 …so yeh…

SC2 came out like what… 10 years ago or something? How old were you then? 14?

This has been THE INVINCIBLE SWORDSMAN saying:

Yeah you probably enjoyed SC2 then, so you’re gonna enjoy SCV. But then again, you probably enjoyed fart jokes more then, than you do now too.