Soul Caliber IV vs 2DF

Well, SC IV is now out and many many peeps are on it for either 360 or PS3. I for one, think the game is pretty cool but not the super DUPER orgasmic life changing experience a lot of my friends claim it to be.

I have a friend in particular who is a huge…and I mean HUUUUGE Samurai Shodown fan! I told him about 2DF and how we can now play all the SS games online with very little lag and his eyes got big and he started drooling. Unfortunately, the very next day, SCIV came out and he went and bought it. Now, after a couple weeks of playing non-stop, he has forgotten all about what I told him and has no interest in playing SS in 2DF. He’s so consumed by SCIV that all he does is play it all day all night. I said “Well what about 2DF and playing SS online?”, and he just said he can’t pull himself away from SCIV, and that SCIV online is just too bananas.

I can understand liking SCIV, but C’mon…compared to 2DF well…it DOESN’T! Playing all the different Samurai Shodown games in 2DF shits all over playing Soul Caliber IV online in my opinion.

So what do you guys think? If you had a PS3 and Soul Caliber IV, what would you play more SCIV online or 2DF?

awesome thread

I disagree

buy me a ps3 and the game, then i’ll give you my opinion after 2week.:3

…that about sums it up for me.

But I say, fuck 3d fighters.


i rented the game and im glad i did cause i was going to buy it and waste 60 dollars online just sucks no interaction with ppl what so ever console games needs to put kb support for chat cause ppl cant afford a fucking headset -_-" and SC4 is just total crap

The only good 3d fighter is the Virtua Fighter series but hey, thats just me.