Soul Caliber 2 @ T8!!!!?

There should be a soul caliber 2 tournament at the next T8. Why u ask? Because i am the greatest soul caliber 2 player in the world!. There is no one who can beat me, I will run everyone back to school, and take there lunch money, that is why I’ll be trying too get one of the directors to host it at the next T8, or if possible i will host it, that is why i will be trying to get people to play more of soul caliber 2, so I at least have some what of a challenge. Maybe i can get more than 16 people to take on all of my talent. :wgrin::wgrin::wgrin:

uhhh instead of making 3 threads why didn’t you ask in the actual T8 thread?

it would be funny if this guy was banned from t8