Sothern California: Walnut #Reload Tournament Results

Alrighty guys, sorry it took awhile for them to get posted, but here they are:

1st: pulsr (May, Eddie)
2nd: Hasegawa Kazuma (Johnny)
3rd: Def1n1tely (Millia, Venom)
4th: CrazyDazed(RO,JO), Wyze(MA), SirPhobos(JA), RazyRByrn(TE, ZA), Blitzsama(BR,MI)
5th: Nocturnal(VE, AX), Lunatic Pandora(SO), A LAN(FA)
6th: Brendon(SL?), linalys(DI), K Balch(DI)
7th: Daniel(SL), David (BA), Gasaraki(PO), Aric(?), Kuro F.(AN,TE), Viren(IN, JO)

Anyway, GGs to all. Major thanks to Nocturnal for helping me out with the brackets(never had to them before), and all of you for coming out. Credit goes to my boss for letting me hold this as well. Hope guys enjoyed it, my next tournament will in March 06.

K Balch: After like 3 tournaments of not playing you, I finally got to and it nice. We have get more matches in next tourney for sure.

Jo: Once again, I get defeated by you! But do not fret. Next time, I’m 5ping you to death, lol. We need to record the semi-finals/finals next time, so i volunteer you!

Def: Didn’t get to play you, but it looks like your Millia just keeps improving and improving. Although it was my first time seeing it, it came as no surprise that you play venom as well.

CrazyDazed: That Johnny of yours is sick. keep it up, man! Hope to see you at future tourneys.

Nocturnal: Again man, thanks much for help with the brackets. It was nice seeing you, we got play some more at the next tourney.

RazyrByrn: I will kill you if you don’t come down to my house more often, ask for a day off, damn! Anyway, I only got to play you for a little bit, but your Testament seems to be more on key than ever, so keep it up!

pulsr: This motherfucker comes to the tourney all wiped out, dozing off and shit, and wins it. I really didn’t know what to say, except, come down to my house and I will destroy your May! Major GGs.

Phobos: That Jam of yours scares the shit outta me, I’m hoping I don’t have to fight that with Anji next time I see you. GGs.

Viren: I didn’t really get to play you, but that Ino of yours is on point. Hope you make an appearance at the next tourney.

Gasaraki: That what you get for not praticing for months and months. But this gives me a reason to beat you back into fighting shape, so you can score at the next tourney. Major GGs.

A LAN, Lunatic Pandora: I am usually very proud of my work, and I am especially proud of you two. This was your first tourney appearance, and you guys really didn’t that bad at all. So don’t stress, just use this as motivation to get better. Major GGs.

Well, anyone I didn’t mention, GGs, hope I get to play you guys at the next tournament. Lookout for my next tournament March 18, 2006. Same time, same place, next year. Peace - Kuro.

yay, results! Finally =P

The results kind of look hella weird for a double elimination tournament… And I’m sure me winning two matches shouldn’t have put me tied for second to last… Oh well. Anyway, yeah. Had fun playing against people that used characters I’ve had literally no experience playing against.

BTW, I mainly used black-outfitted Millia in tournament as well as a little bit of Eddie, not Slayer. This is Brendon. GG’s to anyone who played me in casuals and tourney (Riverside eliminating each other kind of sucked, but oh well… What’s done is done.). And me vs. def in hella casual Millia mirror matches was fun and stupid at the same time.

Now I can post, wanted to say first of all thank you Kuro for keeping the GG community going by holding another tourney. No need to really thank me for helping with the brackets…next time if you need help with it let me know and I will set it up for ya. Thanks for the pizza and green tea as well also the AC in the room was very nice until it got shut off though later after the tourney. GGs to everyone I played in the tourney, congrats to Pulsr for taking first…your May is getting better and better everytime I see it. GGs to everyone I played in 3S, CvS2, linalys in MBR and all the people I played in Garou casuals as well. Next time I’ll setup JoJo and maybe Garou again if you guys are down for those, though I’m done to play just about any fighter. Keep up the good work guys and I’ll see everyone at the next gathering more than likely. Take care.

ggs to the ppl i didnt play :stuck_out_tongue:

Dude, I am full on gonna get top three next time, “Believe it!”

sorry, had to do it.

Awesome tourney! Thanks for hosting, Kuro! Brackets are tough, but I’m sure the next one will run much more smoothly.

Jo: THAT DUDE, good shit on 2nd place! Kobuns are slowly but surely taking over.

Josh: WU-TANG!

Kuro: Oh, thanks for the compliment! You almost had Jo in your match against him. Good stuff!

Matt: We gotta play more often, man! You teach me how to beat May and I’ll show you how to roll cancel. :rofl:

Bakablitz: Didn’t get to play you this time, but you did really well! Good stuff.

Brendon: Sucks that we had to play each other, but you’re getting better every time I see you! We should play soon.

David: Play Dizzy!

Jaime: Good shit on pad 3S, haha. I can’t believe you can do Genei-Jin combos on pad!

Viren: I think we only played once in casual, but your I-No and Johnny are really solid and fast. Good stuff!

There are a few people whose names I didn’t catch, but GGs to everyone I played!

That was a nice tourney Kuro, thanks for the great time. The green tea and pizza were much appreciated! Can’t wait to try again in March.

Kuro: I mainly played Ky, I only used Dizzy once. Thanks for spelling my name right though, it’s nice to see it spelled right for once. :rofl:

Alan: I’ll beat your Faust next time!

Nocturnal: Thanks for being the only person to play me in MBR. Also thanks for the Garou lessons, hopefully next time I can be somewhat challenging. I’ll try to play some Jojo too.

Bakablitz: Too bad we didn’t get to play more EFZ, but I guess you were too busy getting 4th place. :tup:

SirPhobos: Thanks for not totally beasting on me like I thought you would. You should’ve used Baiken though, I’m more confident against her. :bgrin:

Alex: I think that was your name? The potemkin player. GGs, next time I’ll try not to run into all those reflected projectiles like an idiot.

Kuro: Thanks for hosting, ur Anji was sick! I’m a bit confused tho, was the tourney single or double elim? (I think I won my first match, then lost once to Noc, then never played any after) No worries tho, I’m pretty sure I still would’ve ended up at the same place. Tourney was great tho and the turnout was awesome! Btw you promised us Shasta dammit, don’t play with my emotions like that! :rofl:

CrazyDazed: Glad to finally be able to play against you, too bad we never got any Johnny mirrors but that Jam and Robo you got are beasts.

Kbalch: Hey thanks for drivin (road stories were great!) and supplyin us with another setup to play on. Man, looks like this time around you got the shaft (going against def’s millia twice’n a row!) Hey thanks for offerring SD casuals again, hopefully the rest of SD crew (shtkn, seta) + Purrin will be able to make it.

Phobos: Thanks for the compliment but that Jam was far too fast for me to keep up with, Hopefully we’ll get more matches in the future. How you consistently nail your shoshosho’s and ptf is beyond me, is it a rythme thing or wut?

Nocturnal: Besides Linalys (I think) I was the Rock noob that you beasted on, seeing seasoned Garou skill was great. Also your Axl is tuff to get in on and as expected you made me pay after all of my mistakes, gg’s.

Pulsr: Congrats on 1st; use that money for a new stick … or go pad eddie!

Jo: If it isn’t the Red Baron himself, too bad you left early I really wanted some mirrors. Someday I’d like to see you, render, and shift duke it out; but you guys never seem to be at the same place at the same time.

RazyRByrn?: The test/zappa guy? GG’s. Yes I-no is a bitch but you held it down. Solid Test and Zappa; really enjoyed our matches!

Blitz: stop with the Buri rape!

GG’s to whomever I fought and forgot to add, and to evryone great tourney overall! :tup:

EDIT - Whoa, new layout …

Linalys: GGs man! Our match was really close, you had me beat at least once. I think you would’ve definitely won if I used Baiken!

Viren: Yeah, rhythm is really important with the Sakura/Bison customs in CVS2. It also makes it easier if you practice the combos enough so that they become second nature. I’ve heard people call it “muscle memory.” Do you play CVS2? If so, we should try to get a few games in next time. :smile:

@crazydazed: thanks for the repeated beatdowns with robo ky…i needed the robo ky practice in purrins absence.

@pulsr: congrats! i finally got the chance to verse ur may, i need to get better so i can put up more of a battle…geez out of all ur matches why couldn’t ur stick mess up during ours…ha may was brutal that day nonetheless!

@kuro: thanks for hosting once again. unfortunately i missed ur match with jo as i was too busy fending off def1n1tely’s millia and venom! i heard good things about ur anji.

@linalys: i never got a chance to play u in efz. i was hoping we could of had some matches post tourney but gg took over…besides i think u were too busy against nocturnal in garou. i’m sure u would’ve beat me though, i’m still u bit rusty in efz!

@def1n1tely,blitz,brendon: i never got to play some of u, but i must say that ur millia’s have inspired me to try and pick her up again.

@jo: great johnny as always. i’m just glad i got one round on u.

@phobos: wow, no baiken this time. great jam though.

@nocturnal: i’m gonna dust off the old dc. hopefully it still works so i can practice up on jojo’s.

@kbalch: thanks for the ride and for the crazy road stories. let’s do it again sometime!

i wasn’t feeling to well towards the end of the night so i kinda sat it out as a keen observer after the tourney. gg’s to the very few ppl i played and to the ppl i haven’t played, thanks for the gg’s to watch. hopefully i’ll be able to play the rest of u in the coming tournies!

btw i know most might not know who i am, in the case u don’t i was the other may player(aside from pulsr!) ^_^;

ggs everyone uh. a lol. um. Er I can’t ytpe. I had this open for like 5 hours. then came the beer. i can’t type ahhha gg’s i hate May. Pulsr we should play more WU TANG KOBUN

way good games to everyone, i hate you all however for eating all the freakin pizza! you bastards.

hush! only losers supposed to get pizza, and you still got yours in the end didn’t you? :arazz:


uh… i don’t usually shoutouts but…

kuro: good tourney, man. Bracket hijinks were top tier :tup: remember to keep in touch. If something goes down, anything at all, CALL me! I’m not so hung up right now that I can’t drive to wherever it is you guys hang out and play ish. With slash coming, you and alex BETTER be up for some gameage before I head out to sanfran.

chris: razor what? Finally picked a handle eh? Good games, testament is just too annoying for someone like me who is waaay too rushdown happy. STUPID NETS! I should know better too… bridget has teh razor :sad: Gawd I’m such a whiny bitch… I should go be emo and listen to linkin park :badboy:

viren: Thanks for the RF… snicker j/k, it’ll be brought to the next gathering though. And, as tradition has it, i forgot once again who exactly you play… johnny? We need to play next time.

nocturnal: good games. I hate playing against axl with bridget though =(

phobos: too bad we didn’t get to play, I wanna some hot baiken action next time though!

crazydazed: awesome matches, roboky fears bridget :cool: but that johnny was pretty top. Welcome to the SoCal scene :tup:

jo: AGAIN, SO CLOSE! Ok, that last round was pretty sad on my part, but why does every tourney I go to end up with us on the wire? haha, good ish. I need to be less predictable… NEXT TIME, GADGET, NEXT TIME!

pulsr: Goddamn, quit beastin’ so hard! May doesn’t deserve to be that top tier :nunchuck: Oh, and did you enjoy your trip to the losers bracket? :cool: Seriously though, congrats on takin’ home all our money :clap:

Kbalch: I dunno why, but dizzy owns me for some reason :bluu: Good games though! Thanks for supplying your hardware. :tup:

Alan and Nick: Don’t be mad that I took you both out =… It was cary’s fault! He setup the brackets! >_> runs

linalys: Good games in efz :karate: Cept that I suck cuz it’s not a version I’m used to… my poor evil blue haired girl no longer has a sexy dust loop :sad: More guilty gear next time! I really want to play you :china:

def1n1tely: good millia, as always. We should get some casual in! I thought you lived farther away, but you’re actually pretty close. And yeah, I got caught up at the end of the night there with the confusion and everyone doing different crap after the tourney, I kinda left ya hangin’. Sorry about that.

Alex: play more guilty gear! No more excuses :bgrin:

I would like to say that pulsr’s av is fucking brutal. That is all…

I hate mirror matches so I avoid them most of the time, sorry viren.

puslr is smart because he picks Eddie instead of May versus Robo Ky. Grr.

KBalch your Dizzy is very good, nice set ups. Needs more variety on projectiles when you are full screen away. You keep doing Fish, Spear, Bubble, in that order, and it is getting easy to predict =(

RazyRByrn - augh testament

Who was the guy who got stoked on seeing my ~90% damage combo with Robo Ky in a match? Also, sorry to a victim of it, that is Robo Ky. Robo Ky is stupid :o

Kuro, thanks for the tournament and food. Food is good.

Blitzsama, good matches, less fatal mistakes next time :x

The rest of people - good games, whether I played you or not. You people are all cool!

freakin matt, its marvel time bitch!

bring it on dentron TO ABELS HOUSE!

Crazydazed, i believe the stoked one was lunatic pandora(Nick), he played a sol, and is now picking up robo-ky thanks to what he saw you do with him

Linalys, good game majorly, I was scared untill I started to dust you :smiley: honestly, just cut back on the stun dipper.

Bakablitz: dude, i knew it was coming so I let it happen, but I think with what im doing in practice this week and next, you should have a harder fight next time around.

Razyrbyrn: Im gonna be all over you next time like a hungry ethiopian on rice.

Pulsr, and nocturnal, I would like to have a go at both of you next time around, this tournament did major for my knowledge of the game, I got a HUGE gameplay buff just by coming out. I think I might be able to get in at least half life:)

and to all not mentioned, just show up and keep an eye and an ear open, be afraid, be very afraid, j/k. Just play

Damn im late for post tourney shoutouts.

@crazydazed- Thanks for the compliment. I’ll try to mix it up against you more in the future. :clap: By the way using the roboky taunt as a dodge was really funny. Come to casuals at my house next time.

@Bakablitz- ha ha you remember who I am this time, but for how long? Good fights.

@Viren+Wyze: You guys both beasted this tourney and were great company on the way home. Thanks for repping socal when I got beasted so hard. Speaking of which.

@Def- You bastard. Fighting me in the winners and losers bracket? Good fights though your millia is tight as hell. I was getting a little better by end of the night but I think my Dizzy vs. Millia has a long way to go. Sorry we had to get home early but I look forward to playing you more in the future. You are always welcome in SD mang.

@Kuro- Sorry we only got the one set of fights in. I know you were pretty busy running the tourney. I saw your anji fight a bunch of people though and I want to fight you some more next time. Great tourney.

@Jo- forget guilty gear im gonna get my armored core and shoot you up next time. You’ve been warned. You aint gonna mist cancel my rocket barrage.

@lunatic Pandora- I think you were the sol player. Dude you were funny as hell come play with us some more sometime. I had a good time fighting with you. Me running in to get uppercut and you getting hit by the schythe 10 times in a row on wakeup was a level of stupid and awesome that was too good.