Sooooooo where can I find a replacement Paewang Mayflash PCB

I checked etokki and they no longer have them!

i know that Focusattack had them like a while ago.

could always try the trading outlet* has them, but at that price you’d be better off just getting a PS360+. A moment of silence for that board…


Paewang no longer offers the PCB only to anyone, you’ll need to buy the actual stick if you really need the PCB itself.

the PS360+ is the way to go either way.

It was not cost effective for Laught to Pull all the PCBs out of PAEWANG sticks and charge the same for the PCB as he did for the whole stick.
I agreed with toodles that Laugh should have charged more for the service off gutting out the PCBs.
The only one who benefitted was the person ordering saved on shipping.

And with the PS360+ here, the Paewang board (at the same price mind you) was a horrible option.
Go with the PS360+, its an easier install, no soldering and it Auto Detects what system you are playing on

You can get a PS360+ from Focus Attack or Paradise Arcade Shop

I recall Datel was actually selling the PCB as standalone for a little while, which is how some of the stores started to sell them as well, but the stopped that practice.

But yes, Laugh was pulling them from the cases at first to be nice, but since he started selling the etokki sticks, I haven’t seen him post the PCB as stand alone.

Unfortunately as of right now it appears that the PS360+ is sold out everywhere and Akishop hasn’t submitted a remanufacture yet.

FocusAttack is working on a setting up a remanufacture order with Aki but it looks like PS360+s will also be a little sparse for a while.

Get the whole dang stick and just rip the guts out. The cost for either on eTokki was the same anyhow.