Sooo...hows Skullgirls?

I think this game is pretty fuqin’ awesome . I haven’t played umvc3 since I started playing.I’m LOVING Valentine and Ms.Fortune.Sick characters.Still don’t really understand the game like that but I’m getting there.Anyone down for some casuals? If so hit me up on PSN.Be coo’ if anyone wanted to play feel me?

Anyway…I was playing with a friend that was over and he’s starting to get into fighting games…and he that SG was scrub friendly…and he says that UMvC3 was hard -.- think there’s a problem,eh?

Skullgirls subforum exists for a reason you know.

sigh SRK Community and the Skullgirls Fans.

Its a good game, but why does EVERYONE have to talk about it 24/7 sheesh.