Soomighty vs wong Team Tourney

Soomighty vs wong vids


EDIT: temporarily down due to bandwidth

Yo thanks alot dude, bout to watch it.

EDIT: FUCK Soo totally destroyed his ass. That was amazing.

OH MY GOD!!! that was teh pwningest teh pwn that i have ever witnesseded.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

omg… rape X_X

You can say that again. I wasn’t there but my bud called on his cellphone and told me the alarming news!

:eek: kobe bryant shouldnt be the only person on trial for rape

Soo vs. Wong? More like SooMighty Combo Exhibition.

kaising nice post.:lol: That goes in the sig:lol:

ohh shit lol. damn soo fucked em up there.

but also, i think justin was a lil off from his game…maybe he lost his confidence after all dem niggas booed his ass.

that was not jwong…

Thats SooMighty? Ohhh Mama!!!
Thats Justin Wong?? :o

Of course the fellow newyorker jumps in to defend his brethren. If i got raped that bad, i’d go and work with sean connery to finish creating that anal bum cover. Because DAMN… he needed it.

Especially with no supers…
It was like rape with no lotion with gonorrhea thrown in.

yay, i win $5, dat vid is too damn good, shinobi, ur post and avatar is funny… looks like ur slim is laffin at wong :lol:

the evo2k3 dvd should hav dat match titled… “soo vs who?” poor wong:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

did i just count 7 snap backs
cross over on the infinite
sorry i think that i am about to cry have to go now

It doesn’t even look like Justin was trying :o

haha, he wasnt tryin? see wat happend to him wen he “wasnt” tryin, he looked like a fool:lol:

jwong won the mvc2 tournament.

I’m sure he wasn’t. But that won’t keep the WC guys from gloating.

the team tourney was going to grant the winner trash talking rights til next year. lol and speaking of trash, that’s what wong got tossed around like. Soo tore that nigga up

wong may have won evo(mvc2)… but soo got my respect. that vid is sick. im done.