Sony slams Obama for lying

Look I know you’re on the “FUCK OBAMA” train, but there is already a thread for discussing Sony’s bitchassness: North Korea AKA Asian Florida hacks Sony and threatens to attack theaters

Go there and stop shitting up the forum with unnecessary threads.

Making a thread…and only posting a link is just fucking lazy.

“SLAMS” is another word from 2014 I hate, it’s completely misused. He hardly “slammed” Obama, he disagreed. And the lying part LOL, you couldn’t sound any more biased in your Obama hate.

lol Obama lied? That’s a slight exaggeration of the word.

Aren’t you that guy that posted that video on FB where those leaders didn’t shake Obama’s hand?

[spoiler=]Some asian girl said, “why are people so stupid and assuming shit.” Bro, you going to let that skinny asian girl with no ass call you out like that?[/spoiler]

All these clickbait anti-black people/president threads. SRKGD has become such a shithole, jesus.

But Obeezzzyyyy is a shit stain comparable to W. You must have voted for that retard when he sold you snake oil with his “charisma”