sony ds2 pads

do they make different versions of the ds2? i swear some are alot different. my first was amazing, the d pad was so smooth. then i buy a new one, and its incredibly stiff. i think obviously needs to be broken in, but years later it still stiff. i then order a few online. i bought 4, and only 1 of the 4 had a smooth surface d pad like my original from 2001

There like a half dozen revisions

hmm… is there a site that has the differences? or a place on the pads that tell you which version? i hate stiff d pads. i could not use ps3 pads. i was so disappointed ps4 pads are fine. very think and smooth, but the d pad is spaced a bit further back which is weird for certain sf chars. anyways im trying to find ones with smooth d pads that can easily slide qcf motions and 360s

I am not sure about the D-pad stiffness. I actually prefer Stiff d-pads.
I hate Mush.

slag coin has a list of known PS2 Dual Shock 2 board revisions.

lol howcould you prefer a stiff d pad for games like sf that require movements like hcb and charging? its so easy to mess up inputs due to that ilove pad but man i hate how easy it is for it to mess up my execution

Mushy pads are actually revolting to me. I am not satisfied unless I get a crisp and snappy d-pad.

Plus I use Arcade joysticks for most of my fighters, shumps and other arcade games that benefit from it.
Hell I play RPGs with a Joystick.