Sonic the Hedgehog Characters You Would Have Sex With

It can be any character, ranging from the real games, to spin off games, to other pieces of media, and even fanmade characters.

I would have sex with Rachael the Hedgehog, very sexy. But I want to have sex with Tails because he is beautiful.

But, Sonic will always remain the most beautiful.


…[details=Spoiler]what the fuck[/details]

I don’t even need to see the next posts to know whats going to happen here.

A furry thread on SRK? WTF is this?

More like which ones WOULDN’T I have sex with? Am I right, fellas?

What is this 4chan shit…

Isn’t this the same teenage kid or whatever that got his ass beat in Call of Duty and made a thread dedicated to angelpalm?


Again, you’re a fucking idiot.

Go post at, furfag.

I was going to post some thing about the FGC looking bad and this not helping but this, this transcends that and reaches a new level of stupidity… I know it’s the Internet but come on, at least post this on a site designed for this… Whatever the fuck it is. I’m not even sure if this counts as trolling anymore either it’s just too… Ugh…

get lynched you dumbass scrub.

I wonder if OP plays Smash

Right after I posted I had a feeling you would call me a scrub. So I take back the last part of my other post and replace it with “obvious troll is obvious.” you could however try to be less butthurt about a post dude.


right, and this is coming from an 11’er who got the EVO title to make yourself look good.

that’s basically like modern day rep right there. Except, 97% of srk don’t even play fighting games, they go here. so why the fuck would you waste your time, that shit ain’t worth circle jerkin.

No I “got” the evo title because I went to evo to play some games (though I did quite poorly) however, circle jerkin, interesting, I may use that now… But yes, I do realize there are a fair number of people on SRK who stay for, you know, this, but come on, did it not look like I was messing with you?


I don’t think it’s very appropriate for you this make this kind of a thread right after the death of your son.

It must be bad troll season

carry on :coffee:

gotdamn, angelpalm’s mother is savage.