Something to ask ALL fighting game players

okey there is like millions of us,so out of all of us how many of us will be able to play at the highest level because i mean some of us has to get knocked down and out of the millions of players only a few can be professional …so how many of you think that you can beat millions in order to climb that level

The real answer is shut the fuck up and don’t clutter FGD like that again.

WOAH i can see you arent a very nice person! haha i am apart of the FGC yeah not FGD the FGC and my friend asked me that and i wanted to ask everyone that .so if i came off as trying to be mean forgive me…now how about you stfu and control your self

well any game really…but in tournys and in play there has to be some people who just transend the activity and are much better than the rest,allow me to name a few people…justin wong…mike ross…ricky ortiz,daigo…fchamp…yes guys like them ALways win tournys and rank high in them because they just know more than us and are in general able to beat us,so in the future only some of us will be the ones sponsored and in all those vids and CONSTANTLY placing high in tournys,well i can say that sitting here talking wont help but just what do you feel about your chances

Better duck, kid.

kid??? and haha duck for what?

Just play older games that require fundamentals and KOF.
Then play newer games.
You’ll shoot up the ladder faster than most.
Being tournament ready and not having brain farts during tourneys is a whole different animal though.

haha yeah i knew i should have got mahvel 2 before mahvel 3 and when i can drive i willl always be ready to go to a tourny but out of millions its not easy

apart means NOT part of
since you are not part of the FGC stop asking these stupid questions
now be a good cyberathlete and go play some league of legends

Get the fuck out of the picture, Mai. You’re in the way of that awesome Mary. :tup:

Only a slight percentage of the group. You have to have a certain combination of natural genetic ability, combined with COUNTLESS hours of hard work, in order to even be considered a top-level player. But then again, the point of being a top-level player, is that you will stand out from the hundreds and thousands of other players. Statistical fact is that most people will not attain this level of competitiveness, but then again, it’s not necessary that you should. People should always have a goal whenever they enter tournaments, and most of the time, that goal isn’t to necessarily to be 1st place. Many enter with the intention of just exposing themselves to new players, matchups, getting to meet other people in the community, supporting the local scene, seeing how well they do compared to others, many love the thrill of competition regardless of tourney placings, etc etc.

That being said, this is a pretty poor forum thread topic. You might as well make a poll saying “Who wants to become the best? Yes/No” It’s pointless and brings nothing of value to the forums. Much like this video, which basically sums up anybody who actually takes this seriously:


This thread seems pointless, as it asks how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Since any answer can be correct and defensible, there’s no value to this thread and thus I’ll close it for you.