Something I wish SF4 had

I wish this game had an outfit customization system or accesories for each character that you could probably earn through winning ex. amount of online matches or so.

Like the way Virtua Fighter 4 did Quest Mode. You’d see people’s customized characters online, like a Street Fighter Quest mode. Tell me it wouldn’t be sick to customize your character look, and have that personalized feel. I know i’d rock a Bison with a Skull mask with a dark blue military trench coat, and a glowing bracelet on the boots. Straight Virtua Fighter style.

Edit: Changed to SF4


SF4 is right around the corner. Except all you get are alt costumes. Also, if you were to add this to STHD, they would have had to remake the game from the ground up. Capcom of Japan didn’t permit that, iirc.


ya nuff said

except that I really wish they had customized costumes in sf4… would have been a treat and also very possible in sf4. Well there’s always Street Fighter 4 2nd Impact.

i wish it had training mode like 3s in sf collection where i can have the dummy do prerecorded moves. i hope sf4 has this type of training.

It would be insanely hard to pull of with 2d graphics.

I would like to see a list of players I’ve played it the players met list.

SF4 would have been perfect for this feature. The same way Tekken copied this customization feature from Virtua Fighter, I don’t see why Capcom didn’t follow this as well. Picture Ryu with a Tengu mask and Kanji tatoos all over him, or Zangief with multiple wrestling championship belts around his shoulders, waist, and arms, or a Black coat with a huge Russian Hammer & Sickle logo. Possibilities are endless. But these accessories and Costume pieces would have to be earned through some kind of system that makes you earn them. I’m a mark for this kinda stuff because i’m a huge VF fan and player.

Ono said that he didn’t think that sort of thing was very Street Fighterish and he wanted to stick to just a few costumes. He though it was too comical to see a Ryu fighting in his bathrobe and slippers.

To that I say: Since when has Street Fighter been anymore serious business than Virtua Fighter?

Gimme Honda in a $2000 suit!

Honda in a business suit all casual with no face paint would be sick lookin`. I KNOW MisterEgoTrip would straight have a Honda with an Afro and shades.

Just seeing other people’s ideas and customizations to their main characters would be worth it alone.

Now what gives you that idea? LOL

Hint: Don’t look at my profile pic.

Cuz MisterEgoTrip be rockin’ the fro’ and shades irl.

He’s like a real life Tiger, yo.

chun-li in street clothing would be cool… NOT!