Something I was reading in Tekken Zaibatsu

I went to the TZ forums, and there was this post saying that T5 is dying pretty fast. Also, they say that T5.1 ain’t gonna help and that it’s total BS. Your opinions (note that they mentioned MVC2 in that even when the human race is extinct, the cockaroaches will play and thus it will never die)?

that was rather quick…

still rather play VF anyways…

But at TZ they always seem to talk about the scene for T5 in a negative light so who knows.

I’m not surprised, the Jedi Counsel announced T5 was dead a long time ago.

i don’t think so

seems odd the last norcal tournament had a full t5 bracket (32) with only low 20s or even high teens for other games.

has 2nd most sign ups and paid entries behind 3s

It does not seem like its dying from where I live.

But then again, what game isn’t dying?

I still find it kinda odd that one of the MAIN Tekken-specific forum groups are saying that they lost interest in T5 pretty quickly, and that they’re not hyped about 5.1. BTW, I’m not a T5 hater, but this feels weird. Some of them even say that T4 kept them busy more than T5 did. Some of this makes no sense. Oh well, I still got SC3 coming up, and I still play T5 (although playing it where I live is pointless because MVC2 is the big game there, which I also play).

probably a bunch of scrubs like the scrubs that post on this forum

Shit. MvC2 is still the big thing here in NYC. Tekken 5 is still getting play around here, but not too many places have it to even say that you have an option to go anywhere else BUT Chinatown Fair to play it.

I still think the T5 scene is still alive and well. Somewhat. Its just that everyone is still busy playing MvC2. And no one is willing to play a new game and start from scratch. Only the diehard Tekken people are playing T5. Who knows? Maybe Sanford and Wong will spark up some mean interest in the game. After all, they have gotten pretty damn good as of late.

listen to this man right here :tup:

Well, you’re on point. You’re saying that noone is playing T5 because MVC2 is still the main game (and it’ll probably always be). My arcade needs better games, though, so it’ll be more than a MVC2 fest. Add ST, 3s, SSVS, Garou, etc., and remove T4, SVC Chaos, 2i, MK4, the old Vs. games, etc., dammit!

BTW, what is it with most arcades having SVC Chaos, a game which noone plays competitively? This will forever confuse me.

if i were to explain t5s death, id say its internet hype.

hell, i hate the game, but i run local tourneys here at FFA every weekend, and every weekend we get 25+, and this is only with locals.

to the guy bitching about ground games and then praising soul calibur - youre terrible. thats what even the best of the best at soul calibur hate, you are not rewarded for knocking the opponent down.

i guarantee, come evo, tekken 5 either has the MOST entrants or its closely following the game with the most entrants. everyone fucking plays the game - everyone.

your favorite games best player plays t5.

Daigo and Mester plays T5?!

kevin garnett plays t5

Awwww shit, watch out for Kuroda’s Roger Jr. and Hayao’s Kuma!?!?! :wow:

Why is T5 dying or dead

Because everyone is CHEAP!!!

When T5 first came out in the arcade, everyone played it everyday.

When T5 came out on console, the T5 arcade scene died.
Now there is no random comp on T5 arcades anymore.

Players don’t want to go to the arcade for comp anymore.

<kickingdeadhorse>Good job console scrubs, for killing the arcade.</kickingdeadhorse>

well, here where i am at, the arcade scene in general isnt very hot anymore, but as in T5, its actually the only game i play at the arcade. But i think the single biggest reason for its decline is that it was release on console HELLA fast, so ppl just play at home. =(

yes the profecy is true haahahahahhahahah

Tekken 5 went overboard with the ground games.

I dont know one Soul Calibur player that thinks you arent rewarded for knocking the opponent down. You get a free hit, maybe two max, for moderate damage. Then they recover and you continue.

Tekken is ridiculous, if you’re not in the air you’re on the ground.

but . .its on life support … so i could care less :encore:

So was marvel…