Something I noticed about rank matches that pros will be happy about

After I become a 4th lord, I noticed all my battles are only with other 4th titled people or better. So the battles get a lot better considering which I’m pretty happy about cause I had to grind about 180 matches to get to 4th lord before I actually got good matches. So for those who of you who are really good the matches get better!

At 150… guess I have to grind out 30 more!

this is false, been 4th lord forever and still get matched up with nubs.

p.s - the netcode for this game is garbage.

I’m using quick match btw. Record is at 240 to 27. From 180 or so I only gotten 4th titles and up. Maybe someone else who is 4th can chime in.

i created a smurf to test teams and stuff, i was the second rank u get if u start playing… Fighter i think, and i only got matched with 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 lords …

When i got to 4th lord I DID start getting matched with good players. But it now takes 10 min to find a freaking match or I end up playing the same guy over and over ¬¬

Im rookie and get 4-8 lords all the time. Even with it set to same range.

I am a 9th Judge (whatever the hell that means :p) and I fight people way outta my range. It can be very discouraging.

Can someone explain the ranking system 'cause I don’t really understand it. I fought a guy with a similar record to mine, but he was a 9th Lord. What does this mean and why am I only a Judge?

It has to do with what part of your pentagon-shaped grid is largest. You get Lord if stability is highest, Ranger if basic defense is highest, Judge if advanced defense is highest, etc.

So basically that tells me that you use Advancing Guard a lot.

judge is when u have advanced blocking as highest stat on ur card
lord is when u have stability

In regards to the ranking titles, lord, scout, ranger, judge, so on so forth is dependent of your pentagon grid. I don’t know what is what, but I have gone from lord to scout to lord again but still remained the 3rd. I think you’re scout when your advance offense is the strongest point. It doesn’t matter if you’re lord scout or whatever, if you’re a 3rd you’re a 3rd, etc etc.

This all seems rather irrelevant since the point was made that you still get matched with weaker opponents no matter what.

Lestatx and me appear so far to be only getting matched up with 4th titles and higher ever since we hit 4th. So I wouldn’t say it’s irrelevant only Duey appears to have a problem. I can say over 100 matches or so now have only been with 4ths and up. I’m sure more people can chime in… and it appears I’m cycling about 20 or so people so I’m sure they’re only fighting 4ths and up.

What does who you get matched up with matter if the netcode sucks ass this much it ruins the playing?

Lol, I was just talking to someone at Amateur who got matched with a 1st lord (and beat them too).

Anyone who makes it to that rank in this laggy ass netplay is out of there mind and probably not a pro.

if you play arcade mode and accept ranked or player matches you get solid matches consistently
ive noticed im playing people in the same rank as me as well

What’s up Chiggah!

I was just talking about this with Zor. Once I hit 4th rank I have not played with a lesser rank then that and that was like 5 days ago.

How will it make “pros” happy?

So how is this good news? If you only verse others at the higher ranks how is everyone going to be able to verse someone at rank 1 and get that achievement?