Something called "Virtua Fighter 5 (Best Version)" is coming on Dec 11 for PS3

i really don’t think it’s R, but is it ver. C or D maybe? cuz the “best version” of 5.0 is D… and it costs 10$ more than the regular PS3 VF5.

Probably a typo of Playstation THE BEST (Japan’s Greatest Hits) but hey maybe SEGA releases the 360 version + v.D upgrades on PS3? No announcements of any kind about that tho.

but “greatest hits” means a cheaper price, not a more expensive one right?
the regular is now 25$, and the “best version” is 34$

Only good news if their add online.

and what about the part that ps3 owners will get to play something more updated than version B?

Maybe it will be version D. Regardless, I will prolly buy this copy of the game even though I got Version C on the 360. Need to support VF5 as much as possible.



rubs chin

If it is D, that’s at least a start.

pretty sure it’s the THE BEST reprint

don’t waste your money

This may be the only occasion ever where I can justify writing the phrase “don’t funk with my heart,” so I’m doing it.

VF:5R would almost make my brain melt immediately…

play-asia’s answer about the game (via email): we don’t now if it’s a new version or just a reprint, we just know it’s coming out on this date.

Given the title it is certainly just a discounted reprint. Occasionally the “Greatest Hits/The Best” reprints do get some sort of additional content (DMC3: Special Edition for instance), but they typically don’t go under that labeling and take on a new title to reflect that they are indeed not just a discounted run. Hell, VF 4: Evo was basically VF:4’s Greatest Hits version unless my memory entirely fails me on its pricing.

Is just the “Greatest Hit” label…