Something about snk fighters

i like SNK fighters, especially the kof and samurai series. :tup: but im not that a hardcore fan or anything about SNK…and i noticed that something about snk fighters’ that make their fans so obsess with their games compare to other fighters’ fans…so anyone know the secret behind this?

i see the same thing for capcom and sammy fanboys. no difference.

no, i really think snk fans are obsess with their game, most people here(where i live) like capcom and namco…but i noticed they are not too crazy about it…but for a people that like snk( very few of them), they can go on talk about it forever…i know a guy work at gamestop, he really obsess with kof, when ever i talk about fighting game, he will always lead the subject to kof, he can go on and on about how he love kof…and not to mention that there are alot of webpages dedicated to snk game on the net…so i still think the majority of obsess fan go to SNK…

Sammy and SNK fans are more “obsessed” because the game have good characters with personalities and storylines. Capcom only good fighting game in this sense is RS (SF characters are generic stereotypes and Vampire is too crazy). DOA, VF and Tekken have crap characters and storylines. SC is decent, but too quirky.

Thats it.

This is also the aftermath of the Neo Geo releasing KOF at the like at $250+. The people who tend to spend that kinda money on games also tend to obsess over them.

I kind of agree with this. The KOF and GG storylines are the best in fighting games, though they’re still pretty generic in my opinion. The other factor is that the stories and artistic style of these games appeals to the anime fanbase like no other, and anime fans are more likely to be interested in story than fighting game fans. Sadly most of these people are absolute morons (like that guy here, Karasu or something) who will actually say a game is worse than another based on storyline or voice acting, and barely take the fighting engine into account at all.

Guess it’s mostly player opinion…
SNK fans are more obsessed because no matter hard SNK tries, they’ll never have the respect as a franchise that SF does(they don’t deserve it…yet)…I mean, 3rd Strike SF3 was programmed in 1998-1999, and it’s visuals are miles ahead of what SNK is doing now(gameplay is a toss-up, to each his own) I give SNK props for keeping the genre going, but man they need to get over the Neo-Geo hardware and step into modern times…unless they’re gonna do more crap like KOF Maximum Impact.

As for Guilty Gear, it plays all right, but I think the characters take a step beyond wacky and into the category of “LAME”

Just look at the history-you say 2D fighter, most people will say Street Fighter. KOF and GG are solid games, but neither series does anything that Capcom hasn’t done before and done better in my opinion.

SNK has moved on to new hardware, 3S looks better than the crap Capcom is pumping out now, SNK and Sammy get respect outside the US, and really, who cares about 2D fighters in the US anyway?

Some people like SNK alot, some people like Capcom alot, and some people like Sammy alot. There is no real line of obsession. It is all based on where you live and who is into what. There is no obsession world tournament to decide what game company has the biggest fanatics.

Bullshit :tup:

Bullshit :tup:[/QUOTE

Hence I put IN MY OPINION…if you don’t agree, at least list a reason…

People liking SNK characters only prove that faggots have fans.

You don’t beleive me? proof 1 proof 2 proof 3

Double post

Good for SNK, unless they pump out more shit like Maximum Impact
Capcom Fighting Evo’s a joke…they need a NEW SF
I didn’t say SNK and Sammy weren’t respected…just not as much as Capcom’s SF series-maybe ‘recognized’ would have been a better word.
I care about 2D fighters what the hell else would I play?
3D fighters? :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

What exactly are you trying to say? I don’t get it… Leo Dicrapio never appeared in a fighting game…

Arts of Fighting 3 looks better than Kof2003.

It’s weird because AoF3 came out 8 years ago >_>

Okay I will speak as a true blue SNK NUT THAT I AM. I agree totally with what Time_Stop said, that is true, but I feel that SNK games are more hardcore than Capcom games. For one The bosses are harder, the moves are harder to do, and there are quite frankly almost double the amount of games out there as compared to Capcom, who many say has now become lazy. I also feel SNK’s characters are more creative, (take Yumeji in SS0 for example) while Capcom just gives us more Shotos-Ryu, Ken, Dan, Akuma, Sean, Sakura, who’s next??) Take it if a Street Fighter game came out yearly how many of you might be obsessed with it, or if Capcom had MANY QUALITY FIGHTERS OUT THERE. Many of you casual gamers would be turned off by SNK’s difficulty. I know 100’s of people TO THIS DAY that still have NOT DEFEATED 94’ Rugal. With my Kawa-X Emu I let people see if they can defeat some of the classic bosses from both Capcom and SNK and tell me who is the toughest. SNK wins hands down ALL THE TIME. SNK level 8 and Capcom Level 8 are SOOOO NOT THE SAME. Bc of SNK games I personally find Gill to be A JOKE AND A HALF…because I am used to Igniz, Rugal 94/95/98/2002 Shin Goenitz (96) Zankuro (SSIII) Mizuki etc etc. Yeah and I have to say SNK isnt as recognized here in the states. But go elsewhere to Singapore and Pakistan and other places like that around the world (Even the Almighty Japan) and SNK is very much RECOGNIZED. I wish the fanbase was bigger around here…but sad thing is it aint. I think Orochinagi Forums needs to make an SNK version of EVO…I’D BE STOKED!!!

I could never get into the SNK games so much. They never had that sort of pick up and play appeal that you get from Capcom games. Sure I could beat them. And pull off the moves easy enough. But the characters just don’t grab me I guess. Mr karate just looks silly to me. And anyone who I’ve seen watching the Snk vs Capcom chaos intro with me usually laughs when they see him up on the roof. The art style I’ve never been a big fan of. Back in the day i used to play Fatal Fury a bit. The fighting always felt a bit clunky too for me and alot of the specials akward (no to pull of just to put into practical appilcation). Or as my brother says “The moves look rude”

Now i am a bit of Kim and Andy fan. I have KOF EX2 for Gameboy Advance and play it quite a bit. I think that the best series they ever did was Last Blade everything about that game feels polished and the characters are great and the movesets are intuitive. Something that i feel was lacking in the KOF series.

I know that KOF is alot more popular in the east than it is in the west. Maybe the storys and characters aren’t as iconic for westerners. Not to say that westerners can’t get into SNK fighters and vice versa.

As for story? I can’t remember any story for any SNK game I have ever played (or many fighting games for that matter). it seems to be so important for some players nowadays. Back in the day it was “This guy looks cool, I’ll kick some ass with him.” No one even cared about story. But as fighting games got more popular the creators had to go backwards and justify every fighters intentions to the fans.

Remember, I’m only expressing my views on why I don’t like alot of the SNK games as much as Capcom games. If you asked me what I like about the games I’d post a huge list singing the prasies of these games because they are in essence: Excellent 2D fighters.

Just not my cup of tea.

lol :clap:

I personally think that there are as many fans of the KoF series as there are of the Street Fighter series. When i started off with 2-D fighters, I originally began playing Street Fighter on my SNES. Then later on when I became more advanced in the game, I used to play at arcades and thats when I had become aware of SNK and the KoF series. I used to see equal amounts of gamers surrounding both machines (even there friends would stand by to watch matches). Also, it was when I became aware of KoF series that I actually began playing it too. That was when and I started noticed the similarities (and on the same note, the diffrences) between SF and KoF. So if you ask me, when it comes to which one is more popular or which one has the most fans, i’ll tell you it seems as if there on the same level of balance. Although Capcom games have always won me over!

The only SNK fighters I could stand to play was SS, MOTW and LB. As for Kof, I tried it but 00 and 01 were too blocky with the controls and it just felt like riding a bike with octogonal wheels. To me, TMNT:Tournament Fighters and Killer Instinct have more replay value than a KoF. I’m waiting for SNK to make the next true KoF because even though I haven’t played a KoF that I could continue to play for a month, I like the storyline and the fact that we don’t have to wait 10+ years for it to continue. I hope for a KoF that is good enough to be taken seriously by the EVO ppl.

SNK fans are more obssessed because their are SNK fans that hardly even play the games, they just follow the story. They also get into long discussions like Orochi ressurecting earlier than the prophecy stated, how long Iori will live until the purple flames kill him, is Ash powered by Gaia, did Geese read the scroll and become immortal or was he ressurected? You know, stuff like that.

And Brutal God Project is the shit.