Someone help/tips please?

Hi :).

I just wanted to ask if I should be planning ahead when Im playing because I seem to react too slowly. E.g. I try use Ryu cr.hp or shoryuken for anti-air but I still seem to be beaten alot and I think its maybe because I am doing it too late. Should I be planning to do it or trying to make the opponent jump, atleast more so than trying to react to the opponents jump? If not, is there a way I can improve my reactions to make them faster? Im trying to learn the fundamentals stuff better, but I can see during matches sometimes an opportunity that I could have taken better (like a missed shoryuken) and think if I could learn to use those opportunities better maybe Id win a little more often (hardly get any at all right now).

Also, since I often dont land many hits, should I maybe try playing Gouken? I read his inputs are easier and has good damage. I cant seem to land combos often with Ryu so I get very little damage. I watched some replays and can see where I went wrong, but in a match I kinda get into “freak out” mode and mess up.

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I had your problem, the only answer to slow reactions is to play a lot and practice your AAs alot. Should you have a plan, yes, all decent players have a plan of attack for their matchups, you should too. Don’t stress it too much though because as you get better, you’ll see what you need to add to you plan. There will always be surprise and predictable jumps, its part of street fighter, you just have to get used to acting accordingly and blocking when appropriate. If you miss opportunities to AA, just keep a count of how many times you let them jump in, as you count you will become aware of the tendency to jump as you count higher and you will watch for jumps more actively.

Play what ever character you want, they are all difficult in their own way. Ryu doesn’t really get much damage unless your opponent lets you jump in on them, you shoryuken into ultra or you hit with super. As you get better and more used to how to react in a match, you will be able to confirm small combos into fadc combos for damage, knockdown and mix up games where you will be able to get that damage you need. Its good you review your matches, that is a great tool for getting better, don’t worry about freak out mode mode, it goes away over time as you gain more confidence in your play.

Tl;dr: keep playing, maybe play more you will get better naturally. don’t worry about you character, just play who you like. keep doing what you are doing and you will gain the confidence to beat your freak out.

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You need to crouch then do the Hp.Dp you will hit clean… train this against charcs. like gief sagat those that have a deep jumpin normal

Thanks for the tips everyone. I am getting a little better with anti air, far from perfect though. I did figure something out in training mode though for cross ups, though Im sure its probably been known before…

I did right as the opponent is above me (used Ken as the opponent). His attack would miss and my lands and can then combo into something. May help since the cross ups happen to me alot…it just doesnt work if they are doing it when you wake up though.

actually the mp.dp from crouching wont trade all others will even ex

ryu has combos some are harder than others but if your on a fightstick you should play guile since he’s not really a combo heavy character but if you would like to main ryu i think i can help you get a bit better with him i’m not godlike like john choi but i’m pretty good & i’d be able to help you learn some combos but it’s up to you to practice them in the training mode if you want some help with that feel free to add me on xbl SoO AmaZYN

EX DP is invincible from the time you push the button until ryu stops moving upwards at the top of the screen. EX DP does not trade…