Someone help my modok please!

hey guys ive been back in umvc3 for like 2 weeks now and after watching somepeople play modok i began practicing with him. I want to start playing with him online but every time i do play online with him i get destroyed. My team that i use for Modok, is Modok (beam assist), Rocket Raccoon (log trap) and Dr. Strange(Bolt of ballsacks). My main problem is that i keep going up against teams that do so many mix ups like a Dante team and zero team. I even got crossed up badly by wolverine. I come back in the game and imi stuck on 6th lord so its hard for me to practice online because of other ppl also being 6th lord. Someone please help me. What do i do for mix up situations with modok? i use modok as point but he keeps dying within the first 20 seconds… and i want my modok to survive for longer…

You need to learning how to zone people out, and playing out how to your start the round. MODOK almost alway get the chances to run away, and start his own game.

You can surivive for quite a long time with MODOK if you become competent with zoning.
Most of the MODOKs in those matches managed to keep rushdown characters out for least more than 20 seconds.

MODOK psonic blaster can stuff a lot of people trying to box dash, or dash. It pretty much stops Zero from trying simply airdash in front.

You can use slime/cubes to to prevent Wolverine from trying to beserker slash

MODOK in the air can limit Wolverine options. You can use balloon bombs to prevent people from grabbing you.

Log Trap can stuff all of assist that Dante/Wolverine/Zero projectiles as well.

Thanks man. I notice a big difference from the way he is playing and the way I have been playing. I guess i just didnt know how to zone out people effectively. ill try again and see what happens