Someone help me out please

could someone please color this picture for me, I want to make a background out of it. thanks in advance.

I’ll take a swing at it

even though my coloring ain’t that fancy

Here is the first WIP

if it’s okay, I’ll continue…

looks like it coming along nicely

wow awsome gaara pic!!! dont mind if i take a crack at it?? i just love coloring great artwork :smiley:

oh yeah badass avatar too!!

sure knock your self out, i will use both of them


here’s my work in progress, probably have it done by tommorow, if i have time, man i love coloring :smiley:

any suggestions before i finish it up?


maybe i hint of red in the symbol on his head (love ) or something forgot it

i was thinking about leaving it black cause the line is kinda thin to try and add color, but i think i’ll work on it, it’ll look better with the red though, i think i can probably go over it with overlay, thanks

man you are too good hitshiro that is awesome i cant wait to see it finished

i dunno who this guy is, but here’s a wip based on the other peoples colors.

cool coloring there, i like the messy ness of it, well here’s my version, i think im done, i dont really have much else i wanna do to it so here ya go

hope u like it, and no im not too good, i’m ok, if u wanna see good coloring look at sfmc stuff and a few others on this board :stuck_out_tongue:

excellent job thank you so much

what were u gonna use that pic for again? just curious, make sure u show us the final background or whatever it is :smiley:

it is alittle chopy my screen res is alot bigger 1280x1024

just so people know…archangel didn’t draw that. I know he hasn’t said he did i just don’t want people to assume. I dunno why you erased his name though but that’s ok. As long as people know the truth.

eisu did:

no i didn’t draw that i hope no one thought that didn’t even think about saying that sorry, and i didn’t make the wallpaper i just added stuff to it the two big pics of sasuke and gaara and the other pic of gaara.

ahh good looking out maxx, but i kinda figured arch didnt draw it, even though he never said

cool wallpaper there, arch, but there are still some white left over from when u cut out gaara to put him in the background, i love the sand effect thing :smiley: