Someone help explain this

I always thought Cable was prone after an AHVB, but in this match between me & Pabs, I noticed that I was able to get a shot off while falling. The clip is only 3megs.

Notice that my meter goes up right before I shoot, thus proving it’s Cables j.HP. I haven’t been able to reproduce this, tho…


It’s probably a link. Thanks for crashing my computer by the way…Dodgy videos. :rolleyes:

yeah this is old. No explanation for it yet though.

Actually if your high enough you can get off two lk’s into another AHVB. I’ve been exploiting this for awhile. Its more likely to happen after you SJ an attack. Or atleast for me.

Could it be that my capcom started the combo on the assist and not the main character?

unfly mode?.. since its a sj, shouldn’t you be able to do another?

i thought unfly mode allowed you to do ahvb on the way up, and then ahvb on the way down.

Uh, don’t you have to be able to FLY to get UNFLY mode? :confused:

no, theres unfly state and unfly mode(whoever coined unfly mode needs to be slapped). but the state that sent is in when he is in unfly mode(where he can block after turning of flying) is a state that every character can achieve by the same means.

Sentinel and IM have the most obvious and practical uses for it. I’m pretty sure morrigan can use it, and do multiple drill kicks(down+rk) in one jump… but almost noone plays morrigan, and that may not even be practical. The other example I heard[of a character w/out flight] is cable using ahvb in 2 jumps

Someone make a vid with 5 AHVBs in one jump already :stuck_out_tongue:

Don’t you need to be hit with something to be in un-fly?

he couldn’t of had unfly mode because he started the combo with cable jumping over sentinel. normal jump mode removes unfly

i just replicated it as soon as i went into training mode… crossup on sentinel,,, xx ahvb, hp land…

edit2: so i haven’t been able to replicate it… weird

I see what it is…

It’s almost like a 1-frame moment right as Cable is about to land that he can do move and it counts as an air move. Haven’t been able to cancel the air move with anything yet though…

i barely make anything out in the vid

yeah as everyone else said this is old. I have it on tape too but i don’ thave an encoder or anything like that. Usually when it happens to me i get a jumping jab though. But also CAble isn’t actually doing another move before he touches the ground. the one i have is on vhs and if you play it in slow mo cable’s actually doing a small jump after the ahvb. it is really quick though and hard to see cuz Cable’s animations are weird, an example of what i’m talking about is if you do normal jump fp with Cable and do an ahvb grenade immediately when you land, it’ll sometimes look like his feet never touched the ground. I’ve tried fooling around with it but i dunno how to recreate the “small jump”.

If you super jump and do anything, you can do something else if you recover before you land. There just isn’t much of a gap between the end of a tksjahvb and landing.

this happens in jwong vs SIN at MWC6 Finals match 6 at around 1:39-1:40

edit: there is definitely meter for a bullet that doesn’t come out…


What really needs to be discussed is the terrible custom music in the video!

you DON’T RECOVER after doing an ahvb in the air. If you sj to the top of the screen with CAble and ahvb you won’t be able to do anything until you hit the ground. Another example would be Sentinel and Guile’s air supers, once they do them, they’re helpless until their feet touch the ground.

i’ve noticed that it happens MORE (not any differently though) if you normal jump ahvb… although it happens in both…

It happens to me when I superjump AHVB high enough. No unfly mode needed, or assists, just ahvb.
for a limited time.