Some weird issue, would like some insight!

Hello guys,

I just got injustice via the PSN store, and due to how economy works I’ve found that purchasing the US version was the cheapest for me.
I live in Israel which would be closest to the EU and other ME countries in terms of ping and quality connection.
The thing is, I’ve tried online rooms and matched games, and I have never seen anyone with anything higher than 0-1 bars of ping.
I’ve tried playing some just for testing and the lag was awful.
I was wondering, does this game differ from games such as SF4 and have different servers per region locked to which version of the game was purchased?
Getting confirmation on the matter would be much appreciated.

Thank you, much obliged. :slight_smile:

No, the game is not region-locked as far as I know. I’ve seen a couple Japanese lobbies up before on the US copy of the game. There’s likely just a small pool of players in your area; try getting some friends/neighbors to pick it up, that’s how new scenes get made.

Thanks for the reply, I do have friends that have the game, and actually they’ve got the Eu version, need to test and see if the channel they create pops up on my copy of the game to make sure though.
I get very good ping to germany and france per usual in other games, to think that there are 0 players from that region is absurd and I’d expect even at the very least 2 bars of connectivity, I’ll post results when I find out more.
If someone already has more knowledge of this issue please share!

Actually, online has been confirmed to be region locked.

Well that sucks for me.