Some STRAIGHT bullshit

Now, I’ve said many times that Sagat does Meh damage overall, but finally when I start developing combo’s and tech that do some serious damage there is a catch.

His Close Stand MK is so godly in combos, does 120 damage and can be combo’d with cr.lp, it’s one frame but well worth the investment to train for it. Problem is, it doesn’t work on many characters that are crouching during a combo. This is the dumbest shit ever lol. You can still hit them crouching with a but if you fadc ts then dash forward and do the it completely whiffs. So damn dumb lol.

Works on standing and off of focus crumple though, so I still recommend it.

Yea that’s stupid. I’ve been practicing the link though and it seems harder than the link for whatever reason.

I wish we could combo off st. Mp as well that would have been a cool buff for Sagat or change it to a command normal for anti airs to make the button somewhat useful but Nah wishful thinking.

close stand medium punch as a command normal would be amazing! most of my losses fall to dudes hopping around randomly from close range and crossing yuo up into a mixup etc. having to rely on cl standing mp is very finicky in its current state and tu is sometimes not the best choice. it would be nice to have it like the shotos cr fierce that has a decent hitbox upward with little risk.