Some small, random fun


Pick the month you were born
Jan -I ate
Feb -I banged
Mar -I ran naked with
April -I smoked with
May -I ran shirtless with
June -I beat
July -I cuddled with
Aug -I needed
Sept -I shot
Oct -I shanked
Nov -I stabbed
Dec -I slept with

Pick the day (number) you were born on
01 -my lover
02 -a dog
03 -homer
04 -A homo
05 -a condom
06 -A toothbrush
07 -a hippie
08 -a glass of milk
09 -a porn star
10 -Paris Hilton
11 -the trojan man
12 -a teletubby
13 -the kool-aid man
14 -some crack heads
15 -an easter egg
16 -a pot head
17 -a bum
18 -a stripper
19 -a horse
20 -a homeless guy
21 -a drink
22 -my best friend
23 -the cookie monster
24 -my boy friend
25 -a bowl of cereal
26 -a golf ball
27 -a bag of weed
28 -a french fry
29 -your mom
30 -your grandma
31 -a mop

Pick the color of shirt you are wearing
White -because hoes keep stealing my tacos
Black -because I’m sexy like that
Pink -Because I’m good in bed
Red -because I have AMAZING boobs
Brown-because I had to
Polka Dots -because I hate my life
Purple -because I’m gay
Gray -because I love marijuana
Other -because I have double D’ s
Green -because I love to snort cocaine.
Orange -because I smoked crack
Turquoise -because I have a noodle in my nose
Blue -because I’m a pimp
Shirtless -because I’ve got abs
Yellow -because I didn’t like the way he/she looked at me
Gold-because the people in my head were banging
Tan-because I’m a soldier

Enter your results below.

Mines: “I smoked a condom because I’ve got abs” Smh…

I shanked some crack heads because I love marijuana.


Myspace, we in there

I smoked with a french fry because i’ve got abs

I hate this post because it sucks.

(Gibbleary 32, plaid shirt)

I ate my lover becuase I snort Cocaine.

I beat your mom because hoes keep stealing my tacos

…i needed them tacos

I smoked with an Easter Egg because I smoke crack.

Oh, the game. Right. Right… :tup:

“I ran shirtless with my best friend because I’m a pimp.”

Oh, sorry, I think I missed the point of this.

Seems like whoever wrote this was bored of it too, a couple of things just stick out of place.


“I beat a bum because I’ve got abs.”

I’m such a bastard.

Also, I clicked because I was sure this would be a thread about hooking up with Asian exchange students in college.

I shanked a homo because I’m a pimp.

I took a potato chip and I eated it.