Some SF comics by UDON for SALE

I used to be a hard core collector for comics book. Now I am move on my life to do some time eles. I have some Steet Fighter comic books from UDON for sale. Every book I only have 1 copy. I have them host on E-bay. However if any of you want to buy it off with out E-bay, send me a message here. Shipping will be free. Paypal and money order will be fine for me.

PS. I got many SF Udon comics not yet list in E-bay. Tell me what you want, I may have. I have every cover from issue 0 to 4. Every cover i said.

Those are some hilarious prices you have there.

You do know that you can find those same comics sealed, never-read online for 5% to 30% of what you’re asking, right?

Even with the shipping costs, it would still be cheaper than buying from you… And the person would get a new, never read comic.

That was what I was thinking too… granted, there is some pretty rare stuff there, I think (like that red foil number 1). But for 60 bucks USD? I think I’ll pass.

Guys, I forgot to tell you that I am selling the comic higher price in E-bay. If any of you want to buy it with out E-bay, the price will be way, way, way cheaper and free shipping still be the same.

Can you pm me your price list? I want to increase my collection size a bit this month.

I’m curious to how much you’d be selling the Street Fighter 0, The Akuma Cover/Chicago Wizard Exclusive.

Not to complain but for the price you’re selling it, You can get it Signed, Sealed and Sketched on by Several of the Artists/Writers. Not that it’s a big deal to have it signed, Just a nice Commodity.

Thank you.