Some quick matchup questions for an intermediate

forgive me for not putting this in the matchup sticky, but it doesn’t seem to get much action these days, and i kinda would like some more simplified straightfoward answers!

had some matchup problems, was hoping for some feedback:

cody: i know, cody really doesn’t seem that good. i got stubborn and tried to outfootsie him, and got stuffed with everything i tried to do. played a guy 3 times, and he started getting dizzies off of his non stop crouch lp block string. the general strategy i see is to crouch right next to you, stuff you with a lp, hit confirm into something big. or neutral jump if your ducking trying to catch you into another c. lp hit confirm combo whats a good basic strategy for cody? keep him far out? what to do when he’s up close?

dalhsim: i know the worst of the worst matchups for 'gat, ive read the matchup thread about 15 times, but trying to get the basic strategy going. I’ve tried rushdown, and he just ports away. Getting in on the j. HP is brutal, and I get wrecked by the simple fireball/teleport to other side mixup. could someone outline a basic strategy thats a little more clear than whats in the sticky?

thanks srk, you guys are the best, I’m 10x the player i was when i started coming to the board!!!

Cody’s normals seem to have stupid high priority. He can’t compete in the fireball game though, and once you score a knockdown he has pretty awful wake up options. He has decent anti air so try not to jump in too much. See what works best for you, try zoning him (don’t be obvious with fireballs or you’ll get zonk’d) or try straight rush down and TK pressure. If you get Cody into a corner and have strong okizeme he should go down pretty quick.