Some questions from a newbie

So i just got a Arcade stick on Friday i pick up a super street TE COLLECTION Edition for the 360, have no clue if this is a good stick. All so pick up Super Street fighter AE, ultimate marvel vs capcom and KOF13 on Friday

I’am new to fighting games, and i find the arcade stick takes time to do learn, i can do fireballs in SSF AE and not all the time, and i cant do moves that are like the Metsu hadoken i know this will take time.

When doing fire balls is they way not to throw a puch at all then fireball, when that happens am i pushing the puch to early or to soon??

***And i want to stick to on player, that is easy to learn, I know some will stay pick Ryu or Ken, but i don’t like them, who eles is easier to learn for a starter? ***

Same goes ith UMVC3 and KOF13

***i GUESS i should read/watch “Basic Video Tutorial/Guide for Total Beginners for SSF4” and watch [LEFT]VesperArcade [/LEFT] videos

[COLOR=#ff0000]And how should my left hand be holding the stick, and how should my fingers be on the buttons? [/COLOR]***

Everyone has to go trough an adjustment period when they first start using a stick, you’re not alone there. You just have to practice the basics: fireball motions, SRK motions, ultra motions, in the very beginning it’s fine to just practice those until you can execute all of your character’s special moves consistently. When you’re comfortable with that you can move on to playing a character’s trail or mission mode to integrate links into your combos - the combos you’ll learn through trails/missions aren’t always the most useful but there won’t be any question as to whether or not you’ve done them correctly. Try not to get frustrated while trying to learn the timing on links, I would say it’s the hardest part of Street Fighter’s execution but eventually you’ll find your rhythm.

As for deciding on a character, I know firsthand just how daunting an obstacle this is. People will tell you to choose a character that complements your playstyle, but if you’ve never played a fighting game before than you probably don’t even know what your personal playstyle is. For now I would recommend focusing on Street Fighter and picking Ryu - I know you say you don’t like him, but the fact that he can succeed while played in different ways will help you determine your playstyle. Take notice of how you play and what leads to success when you use Ryu - Are you most comfortable throwing fireballs from across the screen and holding your ground by punishing jump-ins? Give Guile or Rose a try. Do you find yourself using staying at a distance, punishing openings with pokes and sweeps? Give Chun or Dhalsim a try. Do you find yourself rushing in and staying in the opponents face? Try Guy or Ibuki.

I hope this helped, if you want me to clear something up just ask.

SkeetTron5000, i been looking at the character form and i think i read that rose is one of the hardest to learn. But i guess i will use Ryu, i play Street fighter back in the day on snes and i was using Sagat, So will learn to play Ryu first and see where i go from there.

The two links i posted are they good for me to look over. How may hrs a day so i practice i want to be good but not Jwong good, i want to play online and put up a good fight, but not get Slaughter lol

Hey Smooth Zod,

Nice to see a fellow newb, I myself am in the same shoes. Still in the phase of adapting to the stick.
I play on xbox as CussingCornet92, add me we should play online and practice that seems to help.

All right just added you.

Alright…looking forward to great matches :slight_smile:

Hey man, that was a Very Good session, I really enjoyed the gameplay, we should do this more often. Sorry had to leave, some errands to run, but will see you around.

Ya nor worrys man, we should play UMVC3. Dont feel like learing SSF AE right now, seeing that SSF AE 2012 comes out on the 13.

Sure thing, UMvsC3 is definitely a lot more fun to play :smiley:
Yeah, and am too waiting for the 2012 patch, hey btw, there is a tourny today at 8pm pst for ssf4ae 2012, links can be found on the srk homepage.
Alright, next time UMvsC3 for sure!!

If you’re getting a punch, you are probably either:

A) Doing the motion entirely wrong (skipping downforward, for example, as in D,F+Punch)
B) Hitting the button too early (i.e. D, DF+Punch, F)

Go into training mode and turn on the input display - it will show you exactly what directions and buttons you are hitting.

Also, at an early stage, practice doing reps of moves on either side.
Do 10x hadouken without input errors, repeat for other side.
Repeat for Shoryuken
Repeat for super or ultra.

Then increase reps to 15, 20, etc. When it gets boring enough that you can do it without ‘thinking’ about the motion, and get it 100%, you can probably be assured you’re fine with basic inputs.

I would then look at learning your character’s normals, spacing, and perhaps read about footsies on
Always know why you’re pressing a button, and don’t mash.

As for joystick grip… there are many variations. Use the one where you have to move the least and is most comfortable.
Most folks use some variation of wine glass. But the point is to not over-exaggerate, and move with your wrist rather than your fingers.

For buttons, press the buttons firmly (make a claw hand and do a firm hammer-nail motion, rather than lightly pressing down without momentum). Technically it doesn’t matter again, but you want to make yourself consistent in the way you do things.

Mileage varies for everyone. There is no ‘right’ way to hold a stick. But there are ‘bad’ ways.

Eventhubs has a nice little bit on handling a joystick. At the very bottom (but above the comments area) are additional links that provide more specific information on shortcuts, etc.

Good luck.

Hey man, sorry had to bail, had to go pick up someone. Hey, is there an email I can reach you at, mail me at

Hey man you still playing ssf4? I don’t see you online anymore.

2-3 hours a day. most of your time should be in training mode getting the execution part down. From there its all just about learning how to properly play