Some one please tell me if this is cheap or not

My friend says that he is not cheap and that the way he plays with sagat is the way ur supposed to play with him. From the start of the fight he shot Tiger shots at me until more than half my bar was gone in chip damage. I just stood there because I couldnt believe that when he said He got cold with sagat this is what he meant.
I counted one round and he shot 46 tiger shots in a single round.
Please tell me…
Is that being cheap or am i just crazy?

You crazy.

Using the C word on shoryuken will usually be met with this response:

lol seriously, thts the way to play? haha

That is how to play Sagat.

46 shots? And you blocked all of it?:rofl:

Damn, if I ever met someone that would let me fire that many and take half their life, I’ll gladly do it. There’s more to Sagat than reckless Tiger Shots but if you’re just going to let him fire them over and over and not punish him for it, you got no one to blame but yourself.

He wasn’t playing cheap, you just didn’t take advantage of the situation.

Why didn’t you attempt to jump in at all? He wasn’t being cheap, you were just playing really stupidly.

In any case, you should always be looking for cheap damage. Always.

If you can’t do anything about it, why would he stop?

Ask him if he trains you to get better. If you don’t want to do that, look for players with equal skills as yours.
There are characters that just destroy newbies, like Sagat, Blanka or Gief. That doesn’t mean they’re cheap or easy to play.

It’s just that you have to make adjustments to figth them. You can’t pick up a game that complex and expect to be good at it right from the start.

And if you can’t even jump over fireballs or focus-absorb them, you should read some threads here and watch some videos before you complain that you don’t understand simple game mechanics.
Do you expect to hit a 360-Dunk when you’ve never played any sport before? Do you know how to throw a football in a nice spiral when you don’t even know that you’re allowed to pass in a football game? Or even beat someone in a car race who already drives for 2 years and you don’t even have your license?

Standing there and doing nothing but blocking is the same as playing a racing game and never hitting the accellerator. If you’re going to stand still, of course you’re going to lose.

Okay, since GameFaqs didn’t give you the answer you were looking for you just came here…

It’s not cheap. Now go post the same on eventhubs or something… GOD.

Lol, can’t believe the same dude actually came here man.

Anyway, who do you use? Maybe people would be willing to give you some tips if you stated your character. And the Saikyo Dojo would be more fitting for these types of questions.

As much as I hate Sagats who spam, it is his Metagame and if those shots are from a long distance away, I can easily do something about them.

Tiger Shot is a great move with supreme zoning prowess, of course he’s going to use it alot, especially if you’re standing still and taking it like a bitch.

If you hate how traditional beaters are played, maybe you should try Smash Bros or something. ~.~

your fault for not doing anything about it.

rofl so true.

lol, a few of you read gamefaqs.

in all seriousness, that is how you’re supposed to play sagat. it’s not cheap, it’s just how it is.

i dont think you should’ve just stood there and blocked it personally since there are a lot of ways around it.

read up on strats against sagat for your specific character and try to find ways around the tiger shot barrage.

you’re at the right place (being here on this site that is), just research a solution to the problem rather than bitch about how “cheap” it is.

You need to find a way to get in. Like others have stated, it would help to know who your character is.

  • If you have a projectile, just know that none are as fast as Sagats. If your character and Sagat keep throwing fireballs instantly & non-stop, you’ll eventually have to block or jump if you want to avoid getting hit. Ways around this include: use EX fireballs (some actually send out quicker fireballs or multiple fireballs), Focus Attack + Dash Cancel to absorb it (FADC), or you can FADC after you throw out a fireball (LP version preferably) and attempt to rush him down while your projectile is still traveling.

  • Some characters have “Anti” Fireball moves. Examples are: Cammy: Spinning Backfist, Zangief: Lariat & Green Hand, Dhalsim: Yoga Tower (d. + PPP), Rose: Soul Reflect, Blanka: d.+ PPP, Amazon River Run (dia. d+f Cr. HP), Vega (Claw): Backflip, Abel: Marseilles Roll, Rufus: Galactic Tornado, El Fuerte: EX-Habanero Dash

  • Some Ultra and EX moves go through fireballs since they have invincibility frames.

  • To get in without an “Anti” Fireball, simply look for patterns (perhaps his timing) and jump over projectiles while proceeding forward. You’ll really need to do this if your character has no fireball/special move that moves you across the screen quickly.

  • Does he have a good Anti-Air game? Considering Sagat has many AA tools, I’ll guess so. Getting in won’t be easy unless you create the opportunity.

You guys can’t tell this is a troll thread? He managed to sit there and methodically count the number of tiger shots he blocked. Who does that?

Focus attack, forward dash, attack that bitch!

ITs a bitch ass way to play but there are ways to beat it. Focus Attack and dash after you absorb it, jump over them, if you’re blanka use the ball, there are so many ways.

It’s about as bitch a way to play as giving up your gun in a fist fight. Why give up your advantage? Be careful, your statement is the scrub mentality in disguise…