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S: Ryu Rufus Ken Juri

A+: ChunLi Rolento Guile

A: Dhalsim Claw Kazuya Julia Raven Marduk Ogre Hugo Zangief Sagat Cammy Hworang Poison

A-: LiLi Xioyu Dictator Steve Ibuki Heihachi Jin Law Nina King Boxer Bob

B: Abel Kuma

C: Asuka

D: Yoshimitsu Paul

That type of thing goes here: Official SRK SFxT Balance Discussion Thread

Also, what are these guys smoking? Juri S tier? She’s good but she’s not Rufus or Ryu brain dead easy good. Ken is also another “what makes him S tier?” And another thing, why do they need to make a tier list this early? It’s downright moronic to do a complete tier list THIS EARLY.

No way. Not to continue this thread, but Juri is amazing. She’s got great pressure, a move that allows easy tag ins, a fast overhead, and her counter has been greatly improved. That’s not even talking about her fireball game that allows her to turtle as well as rushdown. She’s a versatile and heavy damaging character with scary air-to-air and jump-in.

Ken has the best cross ups in the game that leads to easy damage, even more easy damage with meter.

I agree, Juri is amazing but I don’t feel that she is the type of fighter that can be used for a easy and lazy win(Like Ryu and Rufus) so she belongs in A+/A Tier when the fighters are great AND they take skill (with the exception of Rolento)to use unlike Ryu and Rufus who require no skill to win with. Let me tell you, I went into an endless lobby with other C ranks and beat each of them with Ryu/Rufus and I never even spent one minute in training or trial mode with them(In SFxT AND SSFIV).

100% agree w/ Guile, dudes a beast in this game.
Ryu, Rufus and Claw all seem in the right spots too. Surprised at Poison, maybe A - for her.
I also think Rolento will drop down over time, his game is too 1 dimensional.
Other than that I don’t really know the other characters enough to call them.

That isn’t what decides where a character goes on the tier list. :v

I could see Juri being up in S. Wonder what convinced them to move Raven down from S tier, though.

lol tier lists. What is Vega doing all the way up there anyway? Is it because Justing Wang said he was the best character in the game before it came out?

Tier/Balance discussion goes in the stickied Balance thread.