Some of my tournament play

i been playing mostly offline these days, and try to enter every tourny when im not busy

winner bracket set vs Almakashi (norcal top gouken) @ 51:50 mark
winner finals set vs MMG Julio ( atleast top 2 best yun player in the states ) @ 1:02:00 mark
grand finals set vs MMG Julio @ 1:43:00 mark

here a old set tournament play
AE2012 version
winner bracket vs Ghostal (top norcal player) @ 1:09:00 mark
winner bracket vs Julio @ 1:16:30 mark
winners finals vs GDragon (atleast top 3 top guy player in the state) @ 1:42:00
loser finals vs Ghostal @ 2:23:00 mark
grand finals vs GDragon @ 2:30:00 mark

Good games. love the pressure you put on that Gouken. /learned some stuff from that set. Thanks.

bring that shit to me Jobu-

Congrats on your win!
You’re a much better player than I am, but I couldn’t help but notice you do a lot of unsafe dps.
Would you mind explaining why you take so many risks?
Does that type of play work vs a specific player or character mu?
Your Kara dp setup after a was impressive and I had no idea you could link cr.lp after cr.hp.
I thought that only worked off a counter hit.

thanks man, with sagat fireball nerf, its for sure a hard match up now, i use to think its slightly on Sagat favor, you can blow up gouken wake up options, and kept the pressure as much as i can

thanks bro,

Norcal is full of good solid players, and most of the players here knows the in and outs of the game,

it has do alot with the setting your playing in, alot of people play different during casual setting compared to tournament setting, tournament is stressful because you are playing for something, people tend to play more solid try to play smarter basic proper play style for tournament, with that said… in my opinion, if you can rattle what they think what a " proper play style " should be on tournament, stay confident with your reads, get into your oppoenents head and make them fear you first, you will mostlikely have a better chance winning your tournament match, keep in mind tournament is short sets, but I can play solid too, it all really comes down on the match up, the player I am playing against and how they are playing, then i adjust accordingly with my play style, Experience is very important in tournament,

I have a alot pocket set up that can rattle opponents,

non counterhit and non meaty hit c.hp can only be comboed to c.lp on standing wide hurtbox character

Good on you for winning.

I like how you do play a bit balls out, people play balls out vs sagat so it’s only fair to return the favour sometimes. Only thing I’d change is max damage punishes. Like when you get a jump in on a crouching opponent, I always do HK Tk.

Other than that, you got your own style and you can’t ask for anything more than being a Sagat main.

Good shit.

Won’t deny, the play on show is pretty shabby, no patience, barely any mid range game going on at all from any player, if the match falls below the 70 seconds mark I’d imagine the console would just burn up. Tournament settings make people nervous I guess.

Well done for winning though, hard to do with Sagat.

That combo is not always guaranteed, if a character is standing or crouching sometimes that can push opponent far enough to completely make tiger knee or even tiger uppercut whiff, when something is on the line I always go guaranteed damage, it’s also the wake up option after tk n tu is different

What? I don’t understand what your trying to say

Having just watched this, I’d say the things you do well are control space with fireballs and uppercuts/kara-uppercuts. I wouldn’t say the risky stuff is necessarily bad, but the Yun player did start to read you more consistently in the grand finals, so try to play more cautiously when that starts happening in future. Besides that, your execution needs work because you messed up a few kara-uppercuts and a few combos. Overall though, you’re a really good Sagat (way better than me!).