Some Chinese KOF 98 and 2002 footages

TGB 2007, Warm up matchese
KOF 98, 13 matches, 1P is Chinese Player ??(Da Kou), 2P is some Korean Player(s), name(s) unknown.

KOF 2002, players unknown

Tougeki 2007, Chinese National top 4, KOF 98
??(Cheng Long) VS ??? (Shi Dai Chen)

??(A Dai) VS ???(Yong Yuan Zhi Jian)


??(Cheng Long) VS ???(Yong Yuan Zhi Jian) Match 1

??(Cheng Long) VS ???(Yong Yuan Zhi JIan) Match 2


Do you know who Chen Suiyang is? Is that guy coming to SBO? He’s a pretty amazing Taiwan player. I want to find as many videos of this player as possible.

Dakou ~______________________________________~

Oh crap I just noticed…it is Dakou. That guy is ownage. Why the hell does renvi have negative rep?

I donno, some KOF hater give me negative rep everytime I post an KOF post.

awesome :7)

I’m lovin’ it. You can’t defeat a runaway Shiranui.

…that went well.

I don’t like how the in-game music has been replaced with some random music. Matches look pretty good so far though. But, not as good as dakou’s other video.

that host is slooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooow

btw positive rep from me!!

(even if i can’t)

emil, you can find that Chen Suiyang name written in original language?

translated from the pronunciation, not sure if it is correct.

Actuallyl, another translation program I have translates it as chin sui you. The name is ???

in fact, i prefer original .avi/mov/rm files

is this taiwanese?

There are so many Chinese words that have identical pronunciation. You’ll never know, especially Sui and Yang are 2 very common sounding words.

other matches:

TGB07-KOF02-?? VS. ???-01
TGB07-KOF02-?? VS. ???-02
TGB07-KOF02-?? VS. ???-03

TGB07-KOF98-??2C KO ???

TGB07-KOF98 ?? vs. DUNE???

This match was nuts:

backdash bug into DM over the wakeup grab, too good.

  1. thanks, but I can’t find the original links.

  2. yes, look at the first reply.

So dakou failed to qualify? I always thought he was the best in China.

there are better players dakous just a badman

I haven’t heard anything about Dakou in SBO07 yet, maybe is not participating.