Solid into hop kick juggles

Sup fellow Oro users,

Does anyone know what’s the most definite way of performing Oro’s standing mp into hop kick semi-infinite juggle?

I do a one hit into the hop kick but the 2nd set i usually miss the hop kick. Although it works better when I hold forward.

Any tips?

And oh yeah is there any way for you to know what side is opponent is going to land on after pressing standing jab after the two juggle sets? Thanks for the help. Peace. :tup:

You’re probably doing the second launch too early. You shouldn’t have much of a problem against most characters, but Ryu/Ken/Akuma/Sean/Makoto require you to time the launch extra late. There are also special considerations on Yun/Yang/Hugo. Yun and Yang need to be slightly in the air when you launch them the first time, and Hugo needs a different combo altogether. All three characters can be comboed normally in the corner, with Hugo’s timing being extra late like the karate users.

As for the Jab mixup, dashing alone will always put you on the other side. To stay on the same side, walk back under a couple pixels after dashing; the walk is too short for the opponent to notice.

I hope this makes sense… I’m a little low on sleep at the moment.


I was practicing some more and I’ve noticed for the jab mixup, if you jab early while the opponent is high in the air you will remain on the same side, but for the crossup you just jab them right before they hit the ground. Try it, it works alot easier for me.

While being the middle of the stage; what height must my mp be for the twins and what’s the most damaging juggle combo for Hugo?

Well thanks again for the help Jinrai. Peace man. :tup:

For the twins, you should basically try and get them at the same height that won’t juggle the karatemen. It’s shockingly easy to improv, even if you’ve never tried before.

For Hugo, I generally just (2 hits) -> s.rh. It’s not by any means the best, but it’s reliable :stuck_out_tongue:

As for the crossup, I used to do it that way, but I now do it the way jinrai recommends. It’s actually easier, and the less clues you leave your opponent the better. Do remember to mix it up with throws and low hits, otherwise you’ll get your ass option select parried.

Most damaging juggle combo against Hugo without meter: (works midscreen and likely in the corner too)

Launch (1 hit) xx Fierce Fireball, Roundhouse Chicken (1 hit), launch (1 hit) xx Fierce Fireball, dash, Strong Uppercut. The partition isn’t that hard to do.

Thanks guys I’ll check out the advice. Peace. :tup:

wow, that’s a really cool and creative combo jinrai, any cool ones for yun or yang?

The Hugo combo is Inoue’s (I tacked on the dash uppercut, but it’s obvious). As I said in another thread, it’s practical since the launch xx fierce fireball is totally safe on block. It also sets up EX Tengu and Yagyou unblockables, of course.

As for the twins, there isn’t anything special yet. Try this on a grounded twin midscreen:

Launch xx forward chicken, LATE fierce uppercut or EX uppercut.

The positioning after the side-switch chicken allows you to get more damage out of the fierce uppercut than the strong one, and you’ll get all four hits of the EX uppercut. If you do the fierce uppercut too soon, you’ll still get 2 hits, but they’ll do less damage than the strong uppercut.

Don’t do this combo when you have enough meter for a super. Instead, confirm a 2-hit launch into EX Tengu or do a 2-hit launch, walk up 1-hit launch xx EX Tengu or Jab Yagyou.

haha of course

so yeah, i tried that combo on hugo anywhere on the screen and it works, and it does like 44 damage, but when you do it in the corner, you replace the rh chicken kicks with mk chicken kicks (which does the same amount of damage as rh chicken) and you don’t have to dash partition the mp drill, you can just do it, but it does only 36 damage. that’s really weird, does dashing make the drill hit stronger or what?

Roundhouse chicken does slightly more damage than Forward chicken. As for the uppercut, dashing doesn’t affect the damage.

really? when i jumped in and did late rh chicken for 1 hit, it was 5 damage and when i jumped in and did late mk chicken it also did the same damage.

According to a frame data site, the first hit of the chicken does 50 damage for Short, 60 for Forward, and 70 for Roundhouse. (Scale: Ryu has 1150 life.)

This isn’t much, but it’s enough to round the damage count on Training Mode up when you do it in a chicken combo. Try doing a chicken combo on, say, Necro in the corner. Do the regular chicken combo, then try substituting the second Forward for a Roundhouse (Necro will bounce out of the corner).

Also, the frame where Oro connects the uppercut may affect the damage. It certainly does for his Fierce Uppercut, but I can’t confirm the Jab and Strong at the moment because I don’t have a console to work with.