Soldering/button problem

I’m sorry if my debacle already has an answer but I’ve been searching forums for days, I’m wondering, when I’m soldering a button to a tp spot, and it’s ground, should it do different inputs as well as the one the tp spot is for before all the buttons are soldered? I’m quite demoralized by this as this is my first time making a stick.

Depends on most of the factors you haven’t spelled out. We’re happy to help, but with the limited information you put up, the only correct answer is “maybe”. Be detailed and specific if you would like detailed and/or specific answers.

ok ill spill. im soldering an a sixaxis pcb (msu v2.5 1.05) ive looked at the tp spots thread and i think even tho my pcb board doesnt look exactly like the v2 the person there said that they (v2 and V2.5 1.05) have the same tp spots. im having a hard time reading where the tp spots are because the lettering on the right of the board where all the tp spots are is quite cluttered. ill give my exact example. im soldering to what i think is com 2 (tp26) to what i think is x (tp32). im kinda rigging it as i go so im only doing ps button (which works just fine) and what i think is x. when i connect those points on my switch, i switch the controller to my pcb. (im in training mode on ssf4) i can exit the pause menu by pressing what i think is x and i exit properly but when i go to press it in-game my character taunts. why is that? i hope i got my question across this time i was just hoping to get a response in a timely manner

Where are the two wires for the PSX button connected to on the pad? (pictures good, tp number and a picture of what the tp’s are mapped to is ok, ‘name’ of what its connected to is poor)
Did you solder the two resistors you’d need to the board?
Is the common for the PSX button the same one you’re using for X?
Button config set to default?
What does input display say?

i dont have a camera capable of showing what i have but, it works just fine, like it’s supposed to.

the daughter board is still connected, do i still need resistors?


button config is default.

couldnt think about input display, i was thinking there was a way to show what was being pushed, thanks.

ill get back as soon as i can with an update.

it seems when i press what i thought was x its pressing all the punch and kick buttons(x,[],^,o,r1,r2) is that because all the buttons are not hooked up yet? and as another question are the commons interchangeable? it seems that i can press up on the d-pad along with other buttons. (on the same tp spot) i thought com1 and com2 buttons had to be separated.

I’d love to help, but until you paint a clear picture for me what pairs of wires/points you’re using for the PSX button and X, I can’t. I’d be happy to point out what you’re doing wrong, but I can’t until I know what exactly it is you’re doing. If you can’t take a picture, tell me the tp# and a link to where I can see what the tp is connected to.

i figured it out, my common was soldered with another tp spot and interfered with the signal and, what i thought was x, just simply wasnt. having the input display on helped a lot, thanks toodles.