i’ll take the tekken 6.

PM sent on SFIV

ihpsta PM me your email address that you have paypal under and I will send you an invoice. Also include your address. I will ship via Fedex Ground for 5 dollars. For a total of 25 dollars. I will ship today if payment is received by 4PM.

Jabaniz I sent you a PM

just sent u payment via paypal :slight_smile:

Alright I processed your package. 3 business days. Send you the tracking number when I get home later. Thanks

tekken 6 still available?

yes tekken is still available. if you want it, it would be 25$ thats including shipping via fedex ground. I’ll ship it right now if you want it. PM me your paypal email and your address. once I get the payment. ill send it right away

i’ll ship it out today if I accept the payment before 4pm

Tekken 6 is still available.

crap saw it too late, made payment to other guy :T thanks though man!

it’s all good.


PM sent.