Hey guys. I’ve got a Custom Aluminum Joystick Case that I’m selling. The case is actually kind of hard to get now since the place where I got it has been sold out of them for a while. I never got around to completing it. The case itself is Black. It comes with a Sanwa JLF with White Balltop. Populated control panel with White 30mm Sanwa Screw Ins. Back panel populated with White 24mm Seimitsu Screw Ins. Unused 24mm hole is plugged.

This is just the case and buttons.
There is no PCB inside.

Thing weighs 8 pounds.

Looking for 260$ Shipped to U.S.
270$ International

My feedback:

Here are the pictures.

u should post pics and the color of the case

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Interested. pictures?

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how much does that thing weigh?

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CNC Aluminum Case made by NHTRAN328.

Weight: 5lbs
Height: 1.875"
Length: 12.25"
Width: 9"
Material Thickness: 0.375"

More information here.

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That is cool heavy Arcade Stick.

That is the prettiest stick I’ve ever seen. Good luck.