Hi all,

This is a very very lightly used (really close to mint) Xbox 360 /Cthulhu PS3 Mad Catz Round 1 TE Stick with a genuine Sanwa Flash 1.

This has the Flash 1 dust washer installed. The 5v connector is missing so the 5v line is soldered directly to the PCB and not affecting the port should you find one.

The dual mod is completed with a standard DPDT rocker switch - top being PS3, bottom being Xbox 360.

Everything comes in the original box.

$250 + Shipping - I accept paypal.

Fuck I don’t get paid until tomorrow. Hopefully it will be around by tomorrow.

Holy shit, this is wayyy too cheap.


Edit : Sent PM but looks like I’m beaten. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooo


That went fast.

Oh wow, congrats to whoever got that! :tup:

Damn I guess I’ll keep extra cash in the bank account just in case next time.

JO! Who got?
This is exciting.

Man what deal. TE dual mod goes for 250 alone but with flash1 stick thats a bonus.

My guess is meus. :rofl: This did sell for way too cheap.

What can i say im fast shooter for cheap prices j/k.

I wish it was me. I was watching movie then pause to checj srk site for good deals then this pops up and it was sold. When i check the writting post i was pissed that missed awesome deal.

But who ever got it im happy for that person.