2 Sets of 8 Vermillion OBSF-30 Sanwa buttons (1 month old)
1 JLF Square Gate
Set of 8 Hori buttons from HFS3 (Solder style only)
1 Gray Ball Top
2 black dust washers from JLF - free if you buy anything else, just mention it to me when you tell me what you want to buy.
5 White Madcatz buttons & 2 Black buttons from SE stick
New inPin PS2->PS3 controller adapters

$3 shipping for any amount of stuff. Shipping prices are for First Class with delivery confirmation within the U.S.

Im interested in 2 of of those square gates, send me your paypal info

PM sent

updated with new stuff

I’m interested in the white bat top and the clear ball top
can you send me pmt info?

i’m interested in the black bat top
lmk pm me!

What color are the obsf-30mm? Put me in line to buy…

pm sent

What size are those hori?

I’ll take all/whatever is left. Let me know.

ill take both bat tops if no one has them yet…pm me

I went by time stamps for first come first serve. I’ll send out PM’s and update OP. The OBSF-30’s are white, sorry I forgot to list that.

updated with new stuff

status updated

I’d like 1 set of vermillion OBSF-30 and 1 dust washers please
PM me the payment info…thanks !

pm sent, status updated

:] no more pending for some of those goodies now!

I’ll keep an eye on your thread to see if you have more stuff in the future

cool. yeah every couple of weeks I get new random stuff I don’t need. I’m thinking about letting go of my HFS3 shell soon…

Received my item today…
Thanks for a very fast shipping !
Would definitely buy again from you :slight_smile: