Looking to sell my Agetec mod.

  • Case painted with vinyl dye

  • Stick is a Sanwa JLF, bat top but balltop of same color will be included.

  • Face buttons are blue Sanwa screw-ins, side buttons are white/clear Seimetsu 24mm screw ins

  • Two “side buttons” on left and right sides of case. Left side is Start/Select (press both together to activate guide/home), Right side is LT/RT or L2/R2 depending on what system you use.

  • Metal plate and case filed to accept Sanwa parts. The “filler” piece covering the hole is just a thin piece of plastic held in by the top 2 screws, and is removable. I also have a couple 3mm plexi top plates which I’ll throw in as well.

  • Internals are a UPCB with a piggybacked madcatz 360 PCB. The UPCB works automatically on PC/PS3. Holding down Fierce/Roundhouse while plugging it in activates “360 mode”.
    The UPBC is also programmable (using the “program” button which is the old start button), and has some nifty features like “tournament mode” where you can disable the start button. I didn’t play around with those features but they are there.
    The UPBC also can actually play nearly every system in existence by making controller cords for the PCB. The Cords attack to the stick via a 25-pin D-sub connector. Right now I only have a USB cable that does PS3/360/PC, but I have all the parts for making a PS2 cord and I will include them as well.

More details on the UPCB here:


  • Some minor scratches on the paint.
  • No 360 headset support, wired or wireless
  • The metal top plate has 1 screw which doesn’t “work”, as I had to cut the mounting post off to mount the PCBs. You can see the missing screw in the picture. I’ll include the screw if you want to cut it down and glue the head into the hole so it looks like it’s screwed in.
  • The 360 works, but has some caveats. I’ve found you have to unplug/replug the controller into the 360 occasionally to get it recognized, but once it’s recognized it’s fine (meaning no random dropouts).

Asking $140 shipped.

Pics (more available upon request) :

IM interested, are accepting any trades?

Does it have Quick Disconnects & is it easy to add art to it?

No trades, sorry.

Yes, the buttons are all quick disconnects.

Bump with minor price reduction.

@crackbone I’m interested in buying, sent you a message

I’m not sure if I sent you a PM because it isn’t showing up in my sent messages folder, but I sent you another PM, hopefully that made it to you.

I’d be interested in buying as well. If it hasn’t been sold already drop a PM by me.

Got any internal pics very interested