Thanks everyone.


How low would you go on the ram? and would you be open to trades?

I think the prices for RAM are good. You can of course feel free to make an offer and I will at least consider it. As far as trades, I honestly don’t think there’s anything I want unless you have maybe some PCBs/Naomi carts.


Lowered some prices.


Still selling the ram?

Yup. It seems SRK is filled with Windows users…


are you ever gonna drop the price on the mouse/keyboard? I want them

Haha, sure just make an offer. I haven’t bothered keeping this thread very much up to date. : P*


New prices.


if no one gets this by next saturday i’ll buy mouse and key

PM sent about mouse/keyboard combo.

Mouse and keyboard are sold. Only the RAM is left but there probably won’t be much interest in that so feel free to close the thread. Thanks!


That ain’t “Apple” RAM. That’ll work in any PC that takes the same DIMMs. Just post the specs from the site and sell it as RAM…

will that ram work with this MB?

No. They’re 200-pin SO-DIMMs… they usually go in laptops or other small-form-factor machines like iMacs and Mac Minis.

o ok thnks i woulda bought it if it worked for mine