Up for sale is my personal arcade stick that I have customized and used for the past few months. It works great, and I have just recently cleaned it. Includes the original box. Shipping will be provided by UPS. Price subject to change if shipping internationally or if the buyer insists on using a different parcel service. PayPal only please. Shoot me a PM if interested. Thanks.

Price: Asking $220 shipped OBO


Xbox 360 Round 2 Tournament Edition Stick
Sanwa JLF
Sanwa OBSF-30 and OBSF-24 buttons
Sanwa White Meshball
Modded with an MC-Cthulhu, Imp, and Neutrik RJ45 jack by Gummowned
Updated with the newest MC-Cthulhu firmware by Toodles
Black acrylic dustwasher from Art’s Hobbies
Plexi and custom artwork from Art
Custom dark gray bottom plexi with etching from Art
Black bezel from MadCatz
Brushed aluminium feet in red from Jinxz
Mesh cable sleeves for the button wires
Red led mod for the 360 guide button
1x 13ft. Cat6 console cable with male mini-din 8 connector
TE original USB plug for PC/PS3/360 support with female mini-din 8 connectors
Console cables for PS2 and GC with female mini-din 8 connectors

(Note: The idea was to have a collage of Iori artwork behind the dark gray plexi to give it a smokey appearance, however, I never got around to finishing it.)

Thank you!

Willing to hear any reasonable offers.

That stick is an orgasm with no hands. Excellent work my man. Bree fump.

Very neat stick man

that’s $ick! gl with your sale.

Thanks for the comments guys. Really don’t want to get rid of it, but I won’t have much time to use it.

Anyways, price lowered. Includes shipping.

Thats one serious set up love your clean up inside. good luck with the sale someone will be very lucky to have that.

I would love to purchase that stick. I just have NO possible way of even considering it until around xmas time, and i’m sure it’ll be well gone then.

If some chance not, i’ll be contacting you.