Up for sale is the legendary Virtua Stick High Grade from SEGA! I imported this baby directly from Japan brand spanking new. It is revision-S, and I have had no input issues whatsoever. It was lightly used for a few days, then stored away in my bedroom closet. I have taken several pics from different angles, so please take a moment and judge for yourself on its condition. You can view them via the link below. I am perfectly happy with my 2 HRAP2:SA’s, so I would love to sell this to someone here who can appreciate it! I am asking $165 shipped within the continental U.S. and I only accept PayPal for payment. I am not looking for any trades at this time. I have great iTrader feedback, so buy with confidence! Thanks!!

SOLD to anabolicfreak DELIVERED

Thanks for Looking! :tup:

was wondering if u would trade for a modded silm psp (slim 2000) with a 4gig memory stick

i can load it up before i send it and provide pics if ur interested send me a PM

Thanks for your interest, but I am not looking for any trades at this time.

Bump for price drop.

Bump for price drop.

On hold for anabolicfreak.

Put me in the queue if sale does not go through. Can pay instantaneously.

Will do. Thanks.

Any movement on this sale?

It’s on hold until Friday the 13th for anabolicfreak. I’ll update the post once the transaction is complete. If the deal falls through, I’ll send you a PM to see if your are still interested. Thanks.

Payment sent!!! :slight_smile:

Payment received & iTrader feedback left! I’m going to take your VSHG to the UPS Store tomorrow and let them package it for me to make sure it arrives as minty fresh as it left! It will ship from there on Monday, since they only pickup Next Day and 2-Day packages on Saturdays. I will send you the tracking info via PM & email as soon as I get it. Thanks & enjoy! :woot:

The VSHG just shipped & I have sent you the tracking info. I had to ship it via FedEx, since the girl at the UPS Store wanted to bend me over & stick a hot pepper up my ass :shake: It will go out Monday, so you should have it by Thursday or Friday! :woot:

Stick delivered & feedback received! Can close this thread now! :woot: