SOLD WTS: Tournament Edition Round 1 Fightsick CHIMP Dual-Modded MANY Arthong Extras

EDIT: Stick is now SOLD SOLD SOLD!! =D

WTS: ^As stated in the title^

Asking $200 shipped in the U.S. lower 48 states
Everything already packaged and ready to ship this 14lb. BADBOY :rofl:

PM Me with questions.

-Tournament Edition Round 1 Fightstick (very little use, very clean)
-Sanwa JLF, Sanwa OBSF 30’s (original white (6) and black/grey (2) pushbuttons)
-CHIIMP board fully assembled and functional out of the box (soldered and screw downs)
Auto-detects console and switches modes once the single USB cord is plugged in!
Compatible with X360/PS3/PC
-Lock switch locks Guide, Back and Start buttons (modified)
-Arthong’s (Tek-Innovations) Transparent Red Full Top Panel, Clear Support Bezel, Mirrored Joystick Platform, X360/PS3 laser etched button symbols, personal tag laser etched, Clear back plexi, Full bottom panel plexi
-Original Collector’s box, Original Round 1 artwork, Black painted bezel, Basic Gameplay card sheet, CHIMP paperwork
-2 extra clear top panels (Full and Standard size)
-About 20 high-quality printed pieces of top panel artwork for your personal taste

First picture is of stick you are actually getting

Below: Stick at different angles, pictures don’t do it justice at all (clear dustwasher, red seimitsu buttons Not Included)

Below: Included about 20 pieces of artwork, Arthong’s full top plexi panel, standard panel and original bezel (painted black) and original steel top panel.

Below: CHIMP hooked up and seated securely - Ready for 360/PS3/PC Plug & Play!

Below: Arthong’s full clear bottom panel and artwork

Below: Picture of other artwork, full top panel and back panel (black ball top, clear buttons and clear dustwasher Not Included)

pending decision from MiikeyBoii

edit: payment received thanks!
shipping soon.

SOLD to MiikeyBoii!!