SOLD WTS RARE Madcatz Blazblue Tournament Edition PS3/Xbox 360 - Ebay

This has been sold, thanks Ronixis!

lol @ buy it Now price of $499.99.

Might want to add “On eBay” to title since you’re supposed to. GL with sale.

I’m not requiring purchase on eBay so I didn’t think it was necessary.

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Nah, I think you need to put ebay in the title so people know it is also listed there… i think thats what the rules say… i dont wanna read them, and cant type so good, labor day is today ?

Damn 500$ Rare? Theres a lot of theses on Amazon below 200$ GL with sale

I just checked and only the ps3 ones are for sale for that price. This one I think is more rare because it is white and it’s #6 out of the lot. Like I said, to each their own and I’m willing to negotiate.
One guy is selling his #1 for $1200!

Yeah but he’ll have his sit there forever at $1200. Just because it’s up there for those prices doesn’t mean people will buy them at that.

ppl wont buy it bc they can just buy a regular te paint it change the buttons and art to blazblu and it will cost less then 500. i would say put it down alil bit bc i doubt it iwll see. gl tho.

both the ps3 and x360 version sold for $129 on amazon for at least couple months, ppl do want these sticks probably got theirs at that time.

My mistake, when I read rare I was thinking a Femme Fatale stick… after reading the OP, nevermind, carry on

Could care less about the artwork the number. I just want another all white stick, and if I can’t get that, then all black. Need it for 360. If your auction ends with no bid shoot me a PM and we can talk, but the only difference to me between this and a RD2 is that is white. I’ll pay extra for the modded functionality but not dumping cash out of my pockets cause it is blazblue or was made 1st, 6th, or 1500th.

how much are you willing to spend?

I just got a 360 version on ebay 12/1000 for 140 shipped add in a dual mod raise the price 80-90

Really? Wow… Paste the item #?

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dude your a fucking idiot. /thread.

Wow the first productive thing said in this whole thread. Thanks everyone else for being critical yet supportive.

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I’ve lowered the BIN price to $350, the reserve price is lower. Like I said the price is negotiable for SRKers, and the reason it’s priced like this is because of the low lot# and the fact there aren’t a lot of (actual) white TEs.

dude it’s not rare, its just a TE. I called you a fucking idiot for a reason.

If you honestly think its rare (I had a chun li te that was 2071 out of 2000.

Sold to Ronixis!

Thanks! Looking forward to it!