SOLD - WTS: Punisher skull custom case

This wasn’t my best case from an ergonomic standpoint as there isn’t a great deal of space to rest your hands, neither is it small and dainty and the low price reflects that. It is very stable and weighty, though.

It’s built to house a JLF with the PCB removed, although it should be possible to fit a whole JLF in with some work with a dremel. It has 6 holes for 30mm buttons (I’ve saved the inserts in case you’re wanting Seimitsu clear) and 3 holes at 24 diameter on the side. It also has a 24mm hole to house a Neutrik adapter.

It’s built largely from painted MDF with a printed vinyl decal added for decoration around the sides. The top and bottom plates are made from black and clear acrylic with a printed vinyl graphic applied to them.

The dimensions are 10" X 14.5" x 2.75" (with feet)

I’m wanting 40 plus about 13 P&P to anywhere in the UK,for the shell alone.

Thanks. :slight_smile:

Just saw this recently in the arcade stick thread. Very unique. Good luck on the sale!

That is cheap.

Damn, I’m half-tempted to buy this and leave it empty just to say I have one of your sticks! Can’t afford it, shipping to Minnesota would hurt too much, so I’ll just leave a little bump here.

Very nice work, sir.

how on earth you made it out of MDF?

could you tell how much shipping would be to europe? greece :slight_smile:

edit: can i see the inside also plz?

Thanks for the kind words and bumpage, lads. :slight_smile:

I’ll post up pics of the insides tomorrow as the case is at work. You’re aware that it’s just the case, though, no guts? The sides are MDF and the top and bottom pieces are acrylic.
I once shipped to a guy in Thessaloniki and the cost was around 70 Euros.

Excellent use of wetsanding if I do say so myself. Either that or auto paint :]]]

Amazing price & even more amazing stick…To bad you’re not from the US. Just curious how much to ship to Olympia, WA 98506

…Dammit why do you have to be in Europe… ;___;

I want to buy it and hang it on my wall.

Pretty badass.

Thanks. :slight_smile:
You’re looking at somewhere in the region of about $90-$100 to the East coast Area with the courier I’ve used in the past, and I haven’t sent anything further afield than that before. I couldn’t say for the West coast without making enquiries, although I have had a cheaper courier recommended to me.
Looking back at my emails it seems that the shipping to Greece was around 60 Euros without tracking.

Oh man I’m so tempted to grab this as my “travel stick” how much space is there inside it for pcb/s? Also what do you mean by JLF with pcb removed? surely you need the pcb on the JLF or it has no way of registering inputs? Also I could save on shipping by picking it up right?

You can wire from your system PCB directly to the JLF microswitches and it works just fine. Common way to go when not using a common ground system PCB.

^ This.
And bump.

Leave it to Broken English to make every other case ever made look like shit.

Beautiful :tup:

Yeah, you desolder the microswitches from the PCB and seat them back on the stick. It’s literally a 2 minute job. I’ll point out that you can still use this with common ground PCB, but you’re making 8 connections instead of the usual 5.
A pick-up is fine, man.

Eek that sounds like something I cant do… my soldering skills are almost non existant. I’m assuming you modded the JLF pictured with the case? Don’t suppose you fancy trading that modded JLF for 1 of my brand new, still boxed JLF’s?

It’s actually unmodded as I only removed the gate and PCB to mount it for the photo, but I can mod it for you and swap, no problem. The JLF is brand new and unused.

Sweet! sounds like a plan. PM by the way.