SOLD!-WTS: p360 and happ stick w/competiton buttons

Everything in good condition, frame is extremely durable.
This is the case, p360 and the competition buttons
no pcb, this case is very rare…

asking $70 shipped.

is this the old or new p360?

I bought it awhile back, if your concerned about it working with 3.3V it definitely does…I barely used it and it still has the original spring in it.

is there a logo on the p360?

can you post some pix of the inside as well?

Insides, and what system does this work on?

Given that it’s just a case, it can theoretically work for any system ever made.

the case looks like a mini mas stick, could you explain why its rare?

Derf… as usual, I over read that.

and I think it’s the RedOctane case.


it is the redoctane case, rare since they stopped producing them awhile back.

does the p360 have a logo? If so, what is it?

heres a pic of the logo…


was this mas?
or a customized stick?
cause it really looks like the mas setup tat i have…

It’s from a Red Octane case. Those cases are great, real shame they are so hard to find right now. Look like a Mas in style but the size is slightly smaller and to me more comfortable.

willing to let go for $65 shipped…
will be able to ship as soon as I get the money
you cant find this case anywhere and this is a working p360 joystick

question, joystick clear the bottom of the stick? because from what i know, some red octane case are smaller and doesn’t clear the joystick bottom.

yea it clears the bottom…all thats needed is a pcb.
everything fits perfectly
you interested?
$65 shipped

This is a ridiculous deal. Hope you find a buyer and everything goes smoothly.

Sent you a pm…