SOLD* Used Hori VLX for PS3 - please close

Hi all, I’m looking to sell my VLX - it comes with the original box and all the extra stuff it came with: 2 wrap ties, 2 button plugs, instruction booklet and the option board that can be mounted on the bottom. I’ve had it for around 6 months, but I’ve only used it maybe about 20 times for tournaments and casuals - other than that it’s just been collecting dust.

I’m asking for $225 which includes shipping. Will knock it down to $200 if you can pick it up locally.

oh man, i wish i could have it collecting dust at my house…can’t afford it…yet. AWESOME Price though.

Wishes to have $225

It’s gonna get bought fo sho.

i wish i had a PS3, probably would have faced the wife nagging me to get it but i would have bought it…i’ll have 225 eventually…lol…

Transaction in progress…

Sold to CCiNO

Great price! Even at full retail ($300), it’s mos def worth it!!!