SOLD: Sony Sixaxis PCB and AXISdapter


Have for sale here a Sony Sixaxis PCB as well as a ShinJN AXISdapter board for it. They work perfectly. There is one caveat, however; the sixaxis battery doesn’t work right now because one of the leads somehow broke. With some careful work, I believe it can be wired up again but I just haven’t set aside time to fix it or anything.

Of course, if you get the battery wired up again you would have a wireless controller for PS3. :cybot:

Here are some pictures.

I’d like to get $26 for all of this. This price includes shipping and paypal fees. Would prefer to keep in CONUS.

Feel free to message if you have any questions. Thanks for looking.

This is a good deal, and I’d jump on it if I needed one.
Battery can be replaced by one of these. This one is about one and a half times longer lasting than the original.
Polymer Lithium Ion Battery - 900mAh - SparkFun Electronics
You’ll have to use a pin or something similar to swap the two wires going into the connector, but its a solderless and easy thing to do.
Just a tip for you or whomever rightly decides to get this.

i know ! such a good deal. if it’s not gone by tomorrow, i’ll get it

Thanks guys. I figured I’d put it up for a few days and see. If it doesn’t go by the weekend, I might just save it for another build.

i may have some time here. i’ll take it. send me your paypal