SOLD: Seimitsu modded Mayflash arcade stick--SOLD

Up for sale is a Mayflash arcade stick that i modded with Seimitsu parts. The stick is an LS-32 with blue balltop and the buttons are black/blue PS-14-K. the colors didn’t come out too good on my’s a better pick of the buttons. The stick is mounted at proper height, the buttons have quick disconnects and the joystick connections are soldered. the mayflash pcb works on PS2, PS3 and PC (vista and xp driver disc included). PS2 layout is:
[] /\ L1
X O R1
PS3 layout is odd, unfortunately:
R2 L1 L2
O X R1
blame the mayflash people for that one. also, there is no Home button for PS3. Everything works perfectly. Played Dodonpachi-Daioujou for about a half hour with it to test it out.

Looking at $135 plus shipping. Shipping in the USA should be about $15 or so.

price drop. $125 plus shipping.