SOLD: Roxio Game Capture HD Pro

I’m putting up my recently purchased Roxio HD Pro for sale. It’s relatively easy to use once you work out the kinks with the software. It’s not quite compatible with XSplit as of yet (according to the XSplit forums an update is expected soon), so if you want to use XSplit instead of the built in software to stream, you would have to run both programs at once (not recommended for lower-in computers).

Since the Game Capture HD Pro does not include any HDMI or component cables, I will be throwing in an HDMI cable in addition to the device, software, instruction sheet, and USB cable.

Here are some pictures of the device:

Asking $90 shipped, if interested please send PM.

Bump to reflect lowered price.

I’m interested.

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CMonster, check your PMs if you haven’t done so already.

Sale is pending.

Sold to CMonster.