SOLD PLz Remove

Hey guys thinking about getting rid of these depending on the response i get. Mine are official, purchased from best buy late last year. I have the Box, all Cables, The Airport Jack?!? (Whatever it Does), the Carrying Case, and the Monster Cleaning Cloth. Will post pics later…Let me know fellas. Oh Yea these are closed ear Studio Beats.

Heres The Pics:

post a picture. Lots of fakes going around.

Will Do when I get home tonight. At a seminar that’s four hours long

Updated Pics

Bump for a good price! If I didn’t just get these for a present 2-weeks ago then I’d be all over this! GLWS! :tup:


u should post the serial number is the battery area

Ok give me a second…We’ll i dont really wanna display the S/N would it be cool to blur it out? I dont want someone to go and register my head phones in their name. When i did the pics at first i actually took pics of the SN on the box but thought about that and took them down. What you think Beat?

Cover half of it maybe or blur half of it if ur selling them it really don’t matter I got mine from best buy as well with a 2 year warranty and never new you could register them

Uploaded with

Uploaded with

If that aint enough proof whoever wants to buy can just hire Phoenix Wright

My Joints is official

I would definitely buy those headphones but I would need a week to get money.

OK just let me know, havent had too many offers as of yet. My comp needs and upgrade and its the Only reason im selling them. You cant produce tracks well without the engine running right. I can cope with using my Monitors for production without the dre’s for a bit until im ready to buy another pair of good headphones.

Dropped Price

Comon Guys, Daddy need new Compuda

SOLD Plz CLose!!!