Sold. Please leave open for later posts

Sold. Please leave open for later posts.

Updated with want!

If you’re in the US, you can get a pair off of the madcatz store for $19.99+shipping.

[edit] Oops sorry, didn’t notice they were out of stock. Good luck with the search

Yeah, I TOO made that mistake.

I’m in the same boat. I’m in the process of customizing a stick and I have everything I need except I wanted smoke panels (which I was hoping to order when I ordered a bezel from MadCatz to save on shipping, but oh well) but they’ve been out of stock for a few weeks. I assume they’ll be back in stock eventually though…

If you’re not afraid to take a stick apart, you could buy one of those TTT2 Wii-U sticks while they’re still on sale. If you’re willing to spend that for just panels you may as well spend the extra $40 to get brand new sets of switches, buttons, wires, pcb, etc. Or instead of gutting it you could dual/mod the ttt2 stick and put the regular panels on it.

If you already have TE-S side panels you can just use white Plastidip and paint them yourself. It’s really easy and if you mess up you just let it dry and peel it right off. There is also a special gloss for Plastidip if it isn’t as shiny as you want it.

What he says^ I love plastidip! I haven’t used it on my sticks yet, but I’ve used it on my car.

Also, @tehmidcap‌ , I have the smoke side panels, brand new and it’s the regular (non-te s) side panels…

Yeah I actually bought purple blaze plastidip and decided to use that instead of getting smoke panels for now (didn’t even take them off did it right onto the metal panel too since I was covering it up – plus it’s easy to clean off if you miss a little). My paint job doesn’t look absolutely perfect but it’ll do for now.

But if you’re trying to sell those I may still be interested.

Updated with want.

Updated with want.

Updated: Want briar wood balltop.

inendoi is getting some, pm him

I got 5 but they may all be spoken for. I’ll let you know when I get all the details worked out.

How much did they sell these for anyways?

I’m interested too, seems like EVO was the only opportunity to grab these

They were $50 0_0

I wanted to know where the fourth kind was. If you watch the video it says that “select tops were chosen to be waxed” they appear lighter in color and look very natural. Didn’t see them. When I got there Type C was already sold out. Type C was the half smooth and half textured version.

lol I jokingly guessed $50 to a friend. Wow $100 for 2 balltops.

Still have two but I may keep them. They’re the avocado ones. Haha. I at least want to take some photos with them on my Lindbergh panel before I release them to the wild. I’ll keep interested parties updated.